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English Communication Problems In The Philippines

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The language shortcuts used in text messages are becoming evident in students' academic writing assignments. This qualitative study sought to determine if the use of the shortcuts has an adverse impact on developmental students' spelling and grammar skills. This research was based on the constructivist theory, which rationalizes that students use what they are most familiar with as they acquire new knowledge. The study was directed by four research questions to ...view middle of the document...

A bounded single case study using a sample size of 25 students included student interviews, a focus group, observation of students during a writing assignment, and analysis of students' graded compositions. Data collected from the interviews and focus group were manually transcribed and coded, and notes from observations and artifacts were used to ensure validity of the interview findings. Consequently, four themes emerged: (1) participants frequently used text messaging and language shortcuts; (2) language shortcuts commonly occur in students' academic assignments; (3) students agreed that language shortcuts have hurt spelling skills; and (4) the participants often have academic deficiencies that go beyond errors presented through text messaging and language shortcuts. The study's findings could influence positive social change in that developmental students could become more proficient writers if curriculum adjustments were made to connect academic writing instruction with the method of communication that students frequently use and understand.

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