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English Communication Problems In The Philippines And The Consciousness Of Today's Youth Essay By Aninel, University, Bachelor's, May 2004

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ISSUES ABOUT ENGLISH LANGUAGETABLE OF CONTENTSINTRODUCTION………………………………………………………..BIBILIOGRAPHY…………………………………………………………ACKNOWLEDGEMENT…………………………………………….INTRODUCTIONI believe it all starts in our schools. For one, our curriculum and subjects are severely disjointed. We may be teaching English well, but there is a lack of integration with other subjects. Take Values Education. Wouldn't it be worthwhile if English classes could also discuss the ethical considerations of being fluent in a foreign language because of the privilege of being enrolled in a renowned private school? The class could discuss how people abuse this entitlement to make it to the top echelon of companies simply because other employees could not afford steep tuition fees.More importantly, we detach the teaching of English from our country's history. My college teacher Ambeth Ocampo quoted a historical document from 1918 that contains then US Secretary of Education Charles Yeater proudly reporting how English has been taught successfully in the Philippines. Through Ocampo's research, we find that Yeater wrote, "The English language will not only be the common medium of exchange among people but will be the language which will practically be exclusively used in the government and legislative service ... The native dialects will continue to be used for home purposes for many years, possibly for one or two generations. They cannot afford a medium of intellectual exchange because of the poverty of their vocabularies and because those speaking the various dialects are unable to understand each other."Considering this historical context of how English was taught to replace and displace our own "dialects," it is evident then how English can have the capacity to divide the nation between the westernized haves and the aboriginal have-nots. By detaching our teaching of English from History, we have taught our students to wield a double-edged sword highlighting only its advantages but cowering away from discussing the wounds it has wrought and inflicted on our sense of nationalism as Filipinos.Lifestyle Feature ( Article MRec ), pagematch: 1, sectionmatch:Fluency in English will continue to be a most useful skill set of every educated Filipino. It is already part of our culture and global identity as a bilingual nation. For this, we should be proud. But languages, because of their capacity for communication, must only be used to unite people and never to divide us by distinguishing the educated from the underprivileged.essay  Use Essay in a sentencees·say[n. es-ey for 1,...

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