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The Perfect High SchoolEveryone has ideas and opinions, on a multitude of topics. One such topic is the American education system. It is easy to realize that high school provides the last vestige of education students receive before entering the world. The ideal high school would fully prepare young students for the challenges they will face as adults.When creating the ideal high school it is necessary to go back to the drawing board. The ideal school would be designed and built in a way that promotes a scholarly and stimulating environment. Landscape design is used to create a serene, park-like setting. This would serve to isolate the school from the surrounding community and its inherent distractions. Equally important is the design of the interior of the building. Aside from the facilities, classrooms, cafeteria, and other necessities, surface treatments and interior design would be carefully selected. There has been much research done on colors and the effects they have on the human mind. Using this research, walls, ceilings, and floors would be finished in colors that stimulate thinking and creativity. All choices made concerning design, facilities, and services would provide a learning environment free from distractions.With an environment designed to provide all needed services, free from distraction, it is easy to create a better learning environment. Classrooms would be arranged in circles or groups to promote social development. No more than seventeen students per class would enable teachers to maintain control in this informal setting. Teachers will focus on student's performance and encourage learning at each student's own pace. Portfolio assessments and student evaluations would replace grades. The atmosphere created by these progressive methods would promote self-esteem. Students, who are stimulated by their environment, enjoy the atmosphere, and feel good about themselves will be eager to learn.A school filled with...

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