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English Composition One: To Be An Essay Or Not To Be An Essay That Is The Question

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In the past, the mention to have to write a paper for an assignment caused me to break out in a sweat or my mouth instantly dries, well it does not have that kind of effect on me anymore. The key to successfully completing the essay on time is getting to research the topic at hand as soon as possible or before the process of writing begins. The next step for me would be to find the argument and take a side. Moreover, picking a thesis statement through brainstorming the information I gathered for original ideas, so I can start my outline. This outline must consist of three basic parts to support the thesis. These parts are the introduction, body, and conclusion. Something that is often forgotten that is equally important is the editing of the language; this has helped improve my grade. Following these steps in an orderly manner, provided in English Composition, has given me prospective to writing a better essay, by exercising these step by step processes when writing an essay, so I will do a good job applying my support to my arguable proposition.
I found that research for the essay needs to come from not only the Internet but also the academic databases and the local or college library. Furthermore, remember that while using the Internet as a resource to make sure the quality of the source is evaluated, and the information considered is not bias. Unlike the research from the Internet, the academic databases have information that is less likely bias. Additionally, there are a lot of databases to choice from so it is an excellent resource for preparing for well-roundness on the topic at hand when compiling the information to support the thesis. Finally, I thought that the library would be a last resort when it came to gathering information because the assumption that most of the books are out dated. This misconception was proven wrong when helped by my local librarian; all libraries have acquisition departments with specialists from different fields of scholarship who constantly order up-to-date books on the contemporary issues in almost all fields.
Brainstorming for me is the utmost importance to exploring ideas that will help develop a strong thesis statement. Moreover, brainstorming is done in many ways depending on how a person thinks, so this is an important factor to deciding the approach on developing the thesis statement. Additionally, these notes can process from ideas written in a clustering method to a bullet method to recall those ideas that can help conceive a visual unexplored proposition in a field that will give the writer an innovative idea. The clustering method helps me to visualize the notes to come up with an original idea. Before starting the outline the thesis must be an arguable statement to fill the paper’s body, so I can have a well-rounded defense against my opposition or support for my judgment or opinion. The thesis acts as the main opinion that the paper centers around and should appear near the end of the...

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