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English Creative Writing English Advanced Creative Story

755 words - 4 pages

It’s a wintery Sunday afternoon in Sydney’s botanical gardens. Sunshine is gently caressing the fallen leaves on the ground. A little boy is playing on his red tricycle, his aqua knitted beanie and cute overalls protecting him from the crisp wintery breeze. His name is Mateo and he is 3. From a short distance of a rusty old park bench, his dads, Mike and Eric, are watching over him lovingly. It is clear that he is the apple of their eyes and you can see their great love for him and each other as they hold hands. Mike is 39 years old and Eric is 42. They are both successful professionals who met 20 years ago on a day much like this one. From the moment they met, even all those moment ago, they knew that they wanted to share their lives together. And as they sit quietly watching over their son, they are both lost in their own thoughts.

“I feel so blessed to have this life” Eric was thinking. He lived in Sydney his whole life. Born and raised in Newtown to parents of Greek heritage, Eric was always surrounded by family, friends, laughter and great food. They would all get together every weekend, sharing their lives. As multi cultures is at the heart of Newtown, his family have instilled in his values of kindness and acceptance of everyone. So much so that he was able to come out to his parents at a tender age of 16 and tell them that he is gay. His family and friends’ unconditional love and support meant the world to him. Especially as the bigger world out there was not as accepting and kind as they were.

Mike was as equally content and as he sat there next to Eric watching Mateo, he reminisced about their lives. They shared many exciting adventures, from travelling the world to buying their first house to finally having their greatest gift through a surrogate, Mateo. Mike was born in Melbourne and moved to Sydney’s Darlinghurst with his mum when he was 2 after his parents divorced. His mum doted on him every minute of every day and supported him through everything, especially his teenage...

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