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English Curriculum Committee Essay

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Not long ago I read a book called “A Long Long Way”, written by Sebastian Barry. I believe it would be a great book to add to the English Curriculum. I would like to take this opportunity to tell you why I believe it should be added.
In the book “A Long Long Way”, William Dunne, a young boy of eighteen years old, enlists to fight for England in 1914. William, the oldest child of four and son of an English police officer, leaves his familiar home behind. When William gets to the Western Front, he meets many kids just like him who didn’t know exactly what they were fighting for. William soon realizes the horrors of war when mustard gas used by the Germans kills some of his best friends and fellow troops in the trenches. One of his only comforts and reminders of home was to write letters that he couldn’t be sure would reach his family or not. This was one of the only things to give him hope through the war. William was only able to visit home on leave a couple of times over the course of his service. At home his father faced the struggle of Irish Independence and his three sisters were growing up without him. Gretta, the girl he loved, kept in touch with him through letters, but they rarely saw each other. Before the war ended though, William died from a single German bullet in the trenches by his fellow soldiers. He died when he was twenty-one years old, and his comrades buried him before they continued to push the Germans into defeat.
The main character of the story is William Dunne who leaves his family and friends behind to fight on the Western Front at age eighteen. William lived with his father, who was an English police officer, and his three sisters Annie, Maud, and Dolly. William tried to write to his family when he could. William also wrote to Gretta Lawlor, a Bohemian girl who he loved in England. Other major characters of the story include fellow soldiers and people William fought with in Germany. Some of these people include Cristy Moran and Father Buckley. Cristy Moran became the sergeant of Williams 16th regiment after their last sergeant was killed by German mustard gas. Father Buckley was a Catholic priest who joined up...

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