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English Draft For Satirical Cartoon Essay

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Recently, there has been news with the conflict with Russia and America, Russia is forcibly going to invade Ukraine, because not long ago when Russia was still called Soviet Union, Ukraine was part on the Soviet Union and but then Ukraine declared Independence. Now Russia, wants Ukraine to be part of the Russia Federation. While many Ukrainians and Americans were opposed to this Russia still refuse to hear Obama even though he pleads Vladimir not to send troops to Ukraine. Cartoonist Leah, in her cartoon published in The Courier Mail on March 4 2014, titled “In the Cold Again”, takes a satirical look with the conflict with Vladimir and Obama. The cartoon is a response to Vladimir invading Ukraine and Obama making opposing to Vladimir; however Vladimir doesn't listen and it is becoming explicit that the target of Leah’s cartoon is Russia. Leah puts forward the point of view that, because Russia is big, powerful country, Russia can do anything they want. This message is conveyed mainly through the techniques of visual metaphor, allusion and symbolism. Leah carton works on the assumption that if the conflict of Vladimir and Obama continue, history may repeat itself.
A major technique the cartoonist used is allusion. The title of the cartoon is an allusion. The title “In the cold again”, alludes to the point of information where a historical event occurred between both of the parties, The Cold War. Cold War was a war between the United States and the Soviet Union. The hammer and sickle embedded in Vladimir’s body eludes to the information that it a sign of communism. However, this may also allude to the Soviet Union due to the representation of the hammer and sickle in the Soviet flag. Through the clever use of public information, the prime minister of Russia, Vladimir is portrayed by the cartoonist as a shirtless and a muscular person. The cartoonist has portrayed Vladimir because this alludes to the fact that a few years ago he had photos taken being shirtless, the most iconic photo was when Vladimir horse rides.
Another important technique used by the cartoonist is irony; irony is to add contradicting elements to the beliefs are opinions of the satirical cartoon. Before Russia was a named it was called the Soviet Union (short term USSR). In the flag of the Soviet Union, it contains the hammer and sickle, in the above paragraph, the hammer of sickle represent communism. Communism is a classless society in which all property is owned by the community as a whole and where all people enjoy equal social and economic status. With the collapsed USSR, now Russia belongs to a...

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