English Essay Of What My Perspective On Adults Was Before And After Loara High School English 4 Essay

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Dream Crashers
As a kid I would always get told to precede my dreams. No one can stop me from converting my dreams into reality. I believed it till my innocence was gone but more when I got to middle school. The thing about middle school teachers is that they help you prepare yourself for high school teachers especially sports. They say things that do stay with you and they think you'll forget it when you get to high school. I remember my seventh grade english teacher would always tell me,
“ Why would they put you in this class you're going to get failed anyways.”
That brought me down to the point that I none of my homework. She was just so bitter towards me, i never understood why she was even a teacher. What had stuck to me till now is that she said
“ You think I am strict and mean wait until you get to highschool.”
She was wrong. Not one teacher has said any of those words on the contrary my teachers push me to become a better student. I viewed adults as bitter people that just wanted me to be unsuccessful. I thought every time a teacher would correct me, they thought I slow or dumb. She was the main cause why I didn't sign up for honors in middle school....

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