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English Essay That I Am Submitting To Be Able To See What Happens If I Do Engligh Research

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Dee Clark
Essay 2 Rough Draft
In the movie Easy A, Actress Emma Stone plays Olive who is a high school student who is seen as the lowest rank on the totem pole. She wants to gain popularity and she sees the best way to do it is by saying she slept with her friend, who is actually gay. After she gets the reputation, she started to take money from guys who are also seen as “losers”. By her saying she had sex with them, the guys think they will gain popularity too. After a while guys want to actually have sex with her for the money they are paying and she decides to actually act like the rumors so she actually starts having sex with them. She incorporates her English class learning about the scarlet letter and starts wearing an A on her shirt because she is getting this bad reputation. She then starts to get blamed for giving a guy a sexually transmitted disease and then decided to come clean. She came out to the school and said that she has never actually had sex and owns up to her actions. This movie portrays recent cultural issues such as stereotypes, rape culture, and body portrayal.
Easy A represents a lot of stereotypes throughout the movie. The main stereotype from this movie is the stereotype of a “slut” or a girl who sleeps around a lot. Once the school starts hearing rumors about Olive, the students automatically assume she will do it with everyone and that she is willing to sleep around because she is automatically a slut now. This stereotype is given to a lot of girls, especially in high school and college during the culture of today. Girls are given these stereotypes just based off one rumor or one thing that they did and then they are assumed by a lot of people that they are automatically a slut. I like how the movie proves that this stereotype is false. The way the movie does this is by taking the stereotype about her being a slut and proving it incorrect because she has never actually even had sex with the guy. Another stereotype in the movie is going off of the stereotype that if you go to church all the time you don’t do anything bad and you are all holy. This stereotype has been proven wrong in a lot of media today because some people who go to church make bad decisions a lot and some people who don’t go to church are the most holy people. According to, “they express that they are Christians by sitting in a circle singing God songs,”. This is a common stereotype, that al Christians just sit around praying all day, which isn’t true. This stereotype is proven wrong throughout the movie and I like how the movie takes these common stereotypes and proves them to be just rumors spread throughout society. Stereotypes are a major problem in todays culture because people of different races and religions are getting judged and punished based of the stereotypes formed about them. Like in the movie, society needs to take all these stereotypes and prove the wrong.
Rape culture is when our culture...

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