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English Feature Article On Shakespears Macbeth With Reference To Both Play And Polanski's Adaptation. Title: Windows Changed Through Time.

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Windows changed through time.A way to see the world through different eyes...In late 1606 or early 1607, The last of Shakespeare's four great tragedies waswritten. Macbeth has been said by manyto be Shakespeare's darkest work, AReflection through Shakespeare's mindgiving us a window into Elizabethan waysof politics, Human violence and Humannature.Quiet relevantly Shakespeare would never have guessed that over 400 years later the basic morals and characteristics that were used to shape his own work would be put into use yet again for a modern day adaptation, That in short took the great writers technique of windowing their own time and creating a work to be treasured by today's audiences.In 1917 Roman Polanski produced a film adaptation of William Shakespeare's great tragedy. Roman Polanski presents his nightmarish vision of Shakespeare's classic play as a lust for power and its bloody consequences, Using graphic form hangings, battle scenes, murder and decapitation.Polanski has a great use of blood and gore in the movie as a reflection of modern day violence.He also uses it in a way that is said to show the use of Human nature of Human verse Human. In the play Macbeth is portrayed as an "Open faced warrior" . Shakespeare showed Macbeth in his own way as a good character which leads us to the thought of whether Macbeths characteristics would have been normal and sitting for Elizabethan times. In Shakespeare's time the law was ruled with a judicial system that stretched back in time through the preceding Middle Ages to the Anglo-Saxon era. The concept of incarcerating a person as punishment for a crime was a relatively novel idea at the time, Justice was usually swift and often brutal.This was windowed amazingly by Shakespeare through his writings. In the movie Polanski keeps the Elizabethan acts of violence and adds a modern day effects of blood to make the movie more relevant to today's audiences. In an interview Polanski voiced his determination to "show the plays violence the way it is if you don't show it realistically then that's immoral and harmful". He was also sure that his transformation reflects 20th centaury audiences, And there acceptance of graphic onscreen violence.Although modern critics thought a different thing Newsweek complained that. "All that is good here seem but a pretext for close ups of knifes drawing geysers of blood". Yet the gore is justified by Shakespeare's blood poetry. And also he doesn't allow the carnage to swamp intellectual thrusts of the play.The way in which Polanski has appropriated Shakespeares play is also a reflection of the violence and hardships that he himself had been put through at a younger age. The visions and ideas of blood come from that of being subject to images of war and death. So again another window opens and it shows us into his life and the man behind the camera and the hardships and the things that influence him and his life.Shakespeare on the other hand opens the window into the...

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