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English Film Essay

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In the movie "Mary Shelly's Frankenstein" directed by Kenneth Branagh. The director uses many techniques such as characterisation, symbolism and cinematography to portray a negative view about Victor Frankenstein. Branagh uses these techniques to reinforce that Victor is an obsessive, arrogant and secretive scientist. This negative view of victor’s character is important as it reinforces the message in the film that scientific exploration is dangerous when it is rushed and done in secrecy.

In the film Victor starts off as a positive, smart and determine young man. Always hungry for knowledge as shown by the dialogue of "you were so hungry for knowledge, such a serious. Little boy" as said ...view middle of the document...

Thus reinforcing the negative view Branagh intends to show the audience.

In the creation scene Branagh uses a low angle shot of the creature being raised into the light with his hands hanging off the basket as it is being raised towards the light, the aim of this shot is to produce a gross parody of the crucifixion of Christ. This shot also represents how victor is trying to “play God”, by recreating death Victor does not realise the true mistake he has made and the sins he has committed by doing this. This reinforces the negative view as seen by the audience as Victor’s arrogance has taken over and he has not realised how he has created this creature and how there would be circumstances for creating this monster that will ruin the people that are the closest to him. Victor is a very selfish character as he always thinks what’s best for him not looking at the bigger picture such at the effects of his actions.
Another way Branagh uses techniques to reinforce the negative view upon Victor is where Victor and the creature are clasping hands symbolising promises and relationships. The close up of Victor holding onto the creature’s hand, trying to keep him up right. Shows a father trying to support his son but it seems unnatural and obscene. This is due to the creature being hideous in a sense relating to an unnatural birth as the creature is already born an adult and not a small cute baby which can be taught to control emotions and live life.

This leads to Cinematography, Branagh...

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