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English Film Report

2273 words - 10 pages

Background and aims of the report

Heroism and villainy is a common theme in every narrative plot. The idea of the hero, with the intimidating stature of a greek goddess, idolised by those he serves for, defeating the villain who’s prime incentive is to cause chaos and destruction makes any reader feel a sense of satisfaction. If you asked any boy, or any male for that matter despite their age who their hero is or was, they would most definitely say a fictional character that either wears a cape, can shoot webs from their wrist or have been seen in a classical marvel comic. We often see heroes with the morals and values that we like to see ourselves with, like helping others and making ...view middle of the document...

Killing the Joker would interfere with the equilibrium of good and evil. What makes him have the right to kill anyone with no exceptions. Killing the Joker would just turn Batman into what he is actually fighting against in the first place, the corrupt. There isn’t much, if anything separating Batman and the Joker, one presents themselves as completely delusional and psychotic and the other, just psychotic. The rules Batman has made from the start of his crime fighting career has made him into the dark heroic figure he is known today. Batman doesn’t have right to decide the fate of his enemy. Batman is a citizen of Gotham just like everyone else, he just decided to put his connections and billions dollars to use, to help stop the spread of violence, terrorism and corruption of Gotham. Batman has his own personal agenda, to stop the evil that killed his parents. If Batman did kill the Joker would every two bit thug get the same treatment? would Gotham city have to eradicate Batman because he turned into the scum he was fighting against?. What we do know is that Bruce, who is Batman will always need Batman because he is a part of him. he has trained his mind body and spirit to the absolute maximum point possible, to where he is unstoppable.

Background: The Joker (villain)

The Joker, the cake faced villain who boasts scars beginning from the corner of his mouth scratching to the top of his jaw. The Joker is cleverer than most villains, amidst sharing similar characteristics of wanting to cause chaos, he does it subtlety. It’s difficult to imagine someone blowing up a hospital subtlety but somehow the Joker’s mannerisms and overall personality make blowing up a hospital more normal that picking up your food shopping at the end of the week. The Joker doesn’t have a plan for change he describes himself as this “I am a dog chasing cars. I wouldn’t know what to do with one if I caught it. You know... I just do things”. He wants to bring a little anarchy, if you “upset the established order” then everything becomes chaos, which is what his purpose is in order to institute change. The Joker doesn’t want to kill Batman because they are the same in a lot of ways. He says, “This is what happens when an unstoppable force meets an immovable object.” Neither of them will kill each other because one is against killing his enemies and the other one thinks the guys too much fun to kill. The Joker is intelligent, yes he is considered a lunatic but he is trying to disrupt the established order by causing chaos in Gotham, he has nothing to lose and isn't afraid of dying.

Wasted on the Young

Background: Darren (hero)

Darren and his step-brother Zack unlike Batman and the Joker are complete opposites. Darren is intelligent, shy, kind, likes to spend time in front of the computer and doesn't associate himself much with other people. He does not so much go on a narrative arc that sees him confronting his arch rival but focuses on the difficulty he faces going...

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