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English Folio Task Essay

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No McDonalds Did Not Do A Good Job With Its Spiderman Toys “For girls”, is a blog written by Emily Asher-Perrin. It presents ideas about targeting advertising to appeal to different sexes and the stereotyping of society’s expectations on girls being unfair. Through the use of persuasive devices such as colloquial language, rhetorical questions, italics and repetition, the audience is positioned to respond in an accepting way, agreeing with the ideas Asher-Perrin raises throughout the text.

Mc. Donald’s has recently launched a toy line, with girls and boys Spiderman toys, acknowledging that girls also like boy heroes. The advertising of these toys to target a specific sex is evident as the girl’s toys are all pink and purple, typical colors which are meant to draw in girls. “Why are all the toys for girls pink and purple?” The use of a rhetorical question manipulates the audience to respond by making them re-think ...view middle of the document...

This allows the audience to respond as Asher-Perrin highlights the advertising world to be gender bias, and although we initially question whether she is exaggerating, we think about our own experiences and realize that in fact, she is spot on.

Social expectations on girls are still a large part in society today. Asher-Perrin challenges the social norm that girls should be the weaker sex, and be passive towards the opposite sex. “All girls toys are inactive” The use of a generalization stereotypes the toys which girls are expected to play with and allows the reader to respond as it appeals to our general sense of what is true. It convinces the reader to agree, as it seems familiar. The use of italics on the word inactive, also emphasizes Asher-Perrin’s point that girls are oppressed by society to conform to social norms. Girls are encouraged by the toy line to view Spiderman as a crush rather than someone to look up to. “Because they’re girls and girls get crushes. Girls like to wear shirts they say, “My boyfriend is a superhero”.” The use of repetition of the word ‘girl’ emphasizes the prominence of the idea that girls are needy and is dependent on others. The repetition of the idea reinforces the point, that the stereotypical girl is like this, and therefore the audience’s response is to remember the idea raised. Asher-Perrin views this as unfair in the beginning and this is shown when she says, “ Barbie’s don’t need to be “for girls”. Hot Wheels don’t need to be “for boys”. This voices her own opinion on the ideas raised, so we get an insight on what she believes is right. The tone of the text criticizes the stereotypical girls and boys expectations placed upon them by society.

Asher-Perrin connects with the audience using colloquial language, allowing us readers to feel more connected and at ease with the topic being discussed. Through the use of persuasive devices, the audience has been encouraged to take the dominant reading of the text, and agree with the ideas that Asher-Perrin presents. The conversational tone, allows her to relate to us more easily, making it easier for the audience to be open to the ideas she is presenting about a gender bias society.

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