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IB English
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So What?
Technique and Idea
Emotional Effect
on the reader
“The commander has on his black uniform”
Black- dark, sad, evil, mourning
With the description that follows, it becomes apparent that despite the way the protagonist views the commander, he is wary and tired. He is not evil the way he may be interpreted with reference to the colour of his uniform.
“brushed silver hair”
Previously, when she described him, she mentioned how she didn’t feel like being nice, but this time she’s described him using ‘silver’ which implies that she is not being spiteful
This speaks back to her mixed feelings towards the commander which allows the reader to experience a similar emotional effect.
“it must be hell, to be a man, like that.
Throughout the novella, we constantly hear nothing but hate towards men, and resentment. Except for when Luke is mentioned, however for the first time the difficulties of men are highlighted.
The reader tends to sympathize with this sudden sympathy demonstrated by the protagonist.
“I lie between them, my head on her stomach, her pubic bone under the base of my skull, her thighs on either side of me. She too is fully clothed. … “This is supposed to signify that we are one flesh, one being.”
I’m not sure. It contradicts the hierarchies we are used too reading about.
This was really weird for me to read, it made no sense how lying on top of each other meant that they were both one being. Serena Joy is already mentioned multiple times to be in a higher position? It’s odd because now this notion of being equal is being introduced..
“This is not recreation, even for the commander. This is serious business. The commander, too, is doing his duty.”
There are no one sided benefits. She also mentions that it was her choice, we know so little about why she is where she is. Or even how it came to be.
I’m genuinely confused. She argues that it cannot be considered rape, but clearly it is? She states that she chose to be the way she is, however, from the context it becomes apparent that she is unsatisfied and unable to leave. Why is she okay with...


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