English Translation To The 8th, 9th, And 10th Song On The Mandrin Singer Jay Chow's 'eight Dimensions' Cd.

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Track 8: Return to the PastA dimly lit old lamp - time passes by quickly without a word.Loneliness strikes without consideration, without differentiating the good and the badSilence assists the passing of unfamiliarity, quietly watching the beginning of dawnYour shadow slowly loses its balance, sinking into the groundBridge:Darkness is hovering in the air, I can no longer find my directionMaybe love is on the other side of the dream, because it's hard to survive in realityChorus:Wishing to return to the past, to hold you once more in my armsYour shy and timid face was child-likeWishing to see your world, to appear in your dreamsAs long as we're together, happiness can be feltWishing to return to the past, to let our story continueAt least I would not let you leave my side anymoreI would distract time so that I will be able hold you tighterI don't know if I am able to urge you back in time, wishing to return to the pastMy thoughts kept distracting my memoriesThe blind search remained as empty and uncertain as everThe misty night caused my imsomniaWhen I turned around, loneliness was already by my sideTrack 9: The Ironsmith from MilanRunning through the pasture, making a detour around the villageHe is standing by the old news-stand around the cornerWith his eyes fixed upon the display window across the streetA guitar, admiring it from afarThe charcoal, in a bamboo basket, the charcoal; constantly throwing inThe charcoal, left with only half the supply, the stove is hotThe ironsmith saving money to buy hope, perspiring profuselyOn the streets along the...

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