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English Is The Most Important School Subject For Students To Learn

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English is, almost certainly, the most important subject that a child can learn in school. Without knowing proper English, a child will not be able to communicate effectively with the English speaking nation. They would be shut off from education and other people in this country. A person who does not poses proper English limits his or her ability to achieve their highest potential. Knowledge of the English language is important to learn to be able to communicate with others, in the teaching of immigrant students, and in finding and maintaining a job.
By assuming that students will learn proper communication skills without guidance is a big mistake. Individuals should begin learning basic communication skills at birth and continue learning throughout their educational experience. There are, of course, many types of communication. We use verbal communication, non-verbal communication, written communication and many different forms of. Additionally, communication plays an important role in the process of conveying knowledge as well. Communication is instrumental in education since it helps the instructor and the students to work together with each other. Communication is the most important component of any society. In order, to communicate properly we need correct pronunciation, because pronunciation affects how we understand the meaning of the words. If the sound of a word is different it could lead the listener to believe that the word has a different meaning, and if this happens, it is very obvious that it is a form of improper communication. This may lead to a lot of misinterpretations. To avoid these kinds of problems we need to teach accurate pronunciation. English, in schools, is a very important subject for teaching proper communication skills (Bokhari, 2011).
The immigrant student population in American public schools is an ever-growing force. One kind of problem that immigrants share is the need to learn the English language, even if learning English is a very hard language to learn. When immigrants do not learn English, they are fated to remain second class citizens or never become a citizen. They are ghettoized and never integrate into the main stream of society. They are forced to take low paying jobs, their children are raised in poverty, and they frequently do not finish high school, they take low paying jobs themselves, raise their own children in poverty and remain in this never ending cycle. Furthermore when you move to a different country or region, learning the local language will help you to communicate and fit in with the local community. Doing so will establish your interest in and commitment to the new country. Many businesses do not bother to learn other languages because; they believe that most of the people they do business with can speak English. The lack of understanding the English language puts the non-English speaking individuals at a greater disadvantage, then those who understand and articulate English. It is...

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