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English Language Learners Comprehension Lessson Plan For Second Grade English. Helping Students Understand Nouns And Verbs

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1. Introduction: Connect to prior knowledge of definitions and uses of parts of speech. Start recollection by writing a sentence on the board and identifying the noun and adjective.2. Lesson Objective: The students will be able to apply adjective-noun combinations within sentences.Second Grade Content Standard: 1.3 Identify and correctly use various parts of speech, including nouns and verbs, in writing and speaking.English Language Development Standard for Writing: Write phrases and simple sentences that follow English syntactical order.3. Materials Required: White board, markers, markers, 8-10 poster boards , list of matching creative adjective- noun combinations on handout for teacher and students.4. Instruction: Read the book Animalia by Base,G.(1987) to illustrate the alliterative sentences that include nouns and adjectives. Take a few examples and model the lesson by showing how to use a combination of words to make an adjective-noun combination sentence.Adjectives are describing words. They make nouns more interesting.Nouns are words that are used to name things (people, places, things).5. Guided Practice: The intention of this activity is to give students the chance to practice adjective-noun combinations. Split the students into groups of 2-3, and hand out poster boards and a marker to each group. Explain that for this activity you will have them use alliteration in their sentences. They must then invent a sentence similar to the following: "Joe saw jumping jaguars. Belle eats brown bananas. Patty likes plump peppers." Assign a group recorder to write the group's sentences on a large poster board. After the groups have come up with 3-4 sentences, post the charts with the sentences where all students can see.Teacher will be monitoring that students stay on task and are coming up with at least three correct sentences. Then, each group will present their sentences to the class. Assessment will be based on group cooperation and sentence accuracy during presentation.6. Closure: Review with the students about what nouns and adjectives do, their placement in sentences, and a key example.7. Independent Practice: The students will write a short, imaginative story that must include five sentences, underlined, that have a noun and adjective in them. Specify that these do not have to have alliteration in them.8. Reflection: Did the students understand the concepts during group work? Was group work conducive to their learning? Did the teacher monitor and help students where...

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