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English Language: The Basic Education Course

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Nowadays, English is an international language that is used around the world and people use English as a tool to communicate with each other (Wonglekha, 2010). In Thailand, English is necessary in all levels of education because Ministry of Education specifies English as a compulsory subject in The Basic Education Course, which every student have to learn English form Grade 1 onwards in order to have four language skills (Wonglekha & Khamkhien, 2010). In addition, Thailand will gather with nine countries in Southeast Asia to become ASEAN Community , so Thai government also promotes English learning to develop Thai students to communicate with other people from other countries in ASEAN Community because English is going to be an official language used among the ASEAN country members (Boonyakiat, 2011 & Rattanapaitoonchai, 2013). However, English is used as a foreign language in Thailand and students only learn it in class for approximately 5-6 hours a week. Outside class, they do not have a change to practice using English, so many of them still have poor English performance (Saengbun, 2012). Therefore, students have to find the ways to learn English outside classroom. For example, some students choose to take extra course in tutorial school to improve their English skills. Even, they take extra course, it is not enough for them (Sa-ngunsaereewanich, 2013). Hence, students must find other ways to learn English in order to improve their English skills more and more.
“The Ways of Learning English” refer to methods that are use to make the activity of obtaining English knowledge (Cambridge University Press, 2013). The ways of learning English are important for students because when they learn a language, they can improve their four skills of listening, speaking, reading and writing (Chun, 2006). Also, Williams & Burden (1997) indicate that “when students are involved in a learning task, they have several resources which they use in different ways to...

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