English Letter A Letter To English Teacher Summerizing Book "A Dozen Black Roses" By Nancy A. Collins

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this assignment was a sort of "summer reading" thing. We read a book over the summer and then wrote a letter talking about it to our teacher, explaining enough so s/he'd know we actually read it. I did mine on "A Dozen Black Roses" by Nancy A. Collins [ www.white-wolf.com White Wolf Publishing ]Dear English Teacher,The book that I read over the summer was called A Dozen Black Roses. It is a fictional book about the experience of a vampire named Sonja Blue, written by Nancy A. Collins. I chose this book because I enjoy reading stories about the World of Darkness created by White-Wolf Publishing, in which they created a sort of role-play game out of vampires, werewolves, ghosts, ghouls and so many other creatures.In this story, Sonja Blue, the main character, is very different from the rest. She is a vampire, but she is not a full one; this allows her to move around in the sunlight with only slight irritation, and enter holy places other vampires would shy from. Sonja's intentions throughout the book are unknown as she moves from enemy to enemy, pretending to be their ally and following an obviously very well thought out plan, to take down both the leading vampires and bringing peace to this mysterious town. Sonja has to give up two possibly huge jobs merely to overthrow the evil that was tainting the city, even though she had been cursed a vampire as well. The signifigance of the title to the book is that in the book it says leaving a dozen black roses on your enemies doorstep is a sort of official...

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