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English Literacies: A New Perspective Essay

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Another semester has ended. However, this time in English class, it was different. It started out the same: the required course work , the dreaded reading assignments along with the required essays for the class. Once class started, the professor went over the syllabus. I thought to myself that this was going to be a long first day. By the time I got to the second essay (about the sixth week), I started to realize that this English class is not like the others; it had much more to give. Before this class, English was all about structure and writing without errors. It concentrated more on the skeleton of the content rather than the content itself. This class taught me to look at English or ...view middle of the document...

I continued to add additional sources including internet sources to develop the argument. All in the meanwhile, I was incorporating conventions for source integration such as paraphrasing, summarizing, and quoting. The pocket reference, “easy Writer”, was an enormous help integrating paraphrasing, summarizing, and quoting in my essay. I never had to do that before this class. I now use it extensively outside class as much as I did in class. The other learning outcome that I was able to implement into my essay is that writing is a flexible and recursive process. Before I would have writer’s block on every writing assignment, I had: Not only in school but also at work. After reading several writers about the writing process, I was able to apply the described techniques to gather the required information and sources for all my English class essays. Writing has become easier for me from that point on. All of these learning outcomes were new to me before this class. Once I understood the author’s concepts, writing became easier and enjoyable.
The authors in chapter three have different points of view of the several types of literacies and how we use them to communicate with other people or discourse communities. Deborah Brandt discusses sponsors of literacy and how people do not become literate on their own (Brandt 331). The excerpt from Malcom X’s biography is an excellent example of the literacy sponsors that were involved in his life that made him the person he once was (X). He became a successive leader because of the literacy sponsors that Brandt describes. On the other hand, author Shirley Brice Heath wrote, “Protean Shapes in Literacy Events: Ever-Shifting Oral and literate Traditions”, set out to disprove that there is a clear division between orality and literacy. It is similar to Brandt’s sponsors of literacy but Heath uses the term “Literacy Events” to describe how individuals communicate among themselves and among communities (Heath).” A literacy event is any occasion in which a piece of writing is integral to the nature of participants' interactions and their interpretive processes. (Heath)” Heath...

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