English Literature "My Culture My Tradition"

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I love myself but literature more. I struggled a lot to learn english, to, actually, use it in a corret order. Its the rythm along which I breathe with. I dont care if others talked me down, or other thinks that I am dumb in English. No I dont give a damn, instead I will be happy to be that. But I dont want anybody to be better than me in writing. I cant accept that : no way. I dont care if I challenged Shakespare with these words. He might have his own sort of writing, but I have mine : yes my own way, my own style with which I express myself. Because of literature I discover myself; under the shed of darkness. It is English literature that helps me to survive in a better way, in a better mood and under a better sun.No offenses with Nepali literature, but I dont seem to control it as with the English. Its in me, the english literature, breathing, and teasing my nerves as the neurons stilmulates with different mental, physical and psychological state of my mind. I dont care if I am in the tail of other fields, i dont care if I am look down upon or underestimated in these fields, but however, in the field I am interested in, I cant hold back, I want to be the best and unfortunately english literature happens to be the one, coz I cant tolerate others being better in anyway in this world of literature.Let tell you a story or two about how I struggled to get my english. I never got chance at school neither did I get chance to express in college. Teachers of my school were screwed up, they know what they should teach but didnt know how to.. In the final year of my school I confront with the bitter reality that our english is no other than an old man who is at his late 70s, who cannot even hear sound or talk properly, let alone be the thinking power, though he had some wonderful english structure that he got as a half-century teaching reward. I must mention, which I hate, about the english teacher and condition of my college life after school. It was worst than ever. I was taught by a pervert. I dont even consider him as a teacher, infact, to say precisely he shouldnt have choosen the field of teaching in the first place lest he wants to put the literature of students he taught in dark. He knows almost all the dialouges of the hindi movies, that he most oftenly learn by heart. He was used to make us listen his vocal in the class room, singing some hindi love songs, which i hated the most. To tell you the truth, we, I mean we students the sufferer, think that he is a freak, something extra-terrestrial, something out of the world, who cannot even speak his own language, Nepali, properly. We are really tortured at by the way he used to teach us english and gave us some knowledge, one can imagine that, I would have prosecuted him of using illegal literature coz he uses lot of such words that doesnt make any...

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