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Background on the Novel and the Author
The complete title of this novel by George Eliot is Silas Marner: The Weaver of Raveloe. George Eliot was the pen name of Mary Ann Evans, who wanted to be anonymous due to her long affair with George Henry Lewes. She did not want her readers to focus on the rumors surrounding her love life. She also wanted to be taken seriously as a writer, which was not always possible for a woman during that period. Eliot published Silas Marner in 1861.
The Main Characters
Let's take a look at the main characters in the story.
· Silas Marner is the protagonist of the story. His vocation is a weaver, and he is under suspicion from his neighbors because he moved to the village of Raveloe later in life, and because people were superstitious about his skillful abilities. He doesn't see very well and is a miser at the beginning of the novel.
· Godfrey Cass, the oldest son of the village squire, is in love with one woman, Nancy Lammeter, and married secretly to another, a drug addict named Molly Farren. His evil brother, Dunstan, blackmails him.
· Dunstan (Dunsey) Cass, the younger of Squire Cass's two sons, is evil in nature and loves tormenting his older brother, Godfrey. He is aware of his weak-willed other brother's marriage to Molly Farren and blackmails him.
· Molly Farren is the secret wife of Godfrey Cass and a drug addict.
· Nancy Lammeter is a good woman who marries Godfrey Cass later in the story.
· Eppie is the daughter of Molly Farren and Godfrey Cass and is adopted by Silas Marner. She transforms Silas Marner's life.
· Squire Cass is the father of Godfrey and Dunstan Cass and very wealthy. He is a less-than-admirable character and a poor father....

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