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Morphology is a tool for a broad linguistic description and an analysis of words. The English morphology, as well as a morphology of any other language, may cause issues to the users of a language other than English to a certain extend. Since morphology covers units such as roots of words, affixes, prefixes, intonations and others it might be a challenge for users that do not come in touch with these numerous units. Such differences could be spotted by French speaking individuals. French language is an Indo-European language and is a part of the Romance family that includes Italian and Spanish. It is spoken throughout the world including Europe, America and Africa. Interestingly, English was influenced by the French language introduction to Britain which did result in similar grammatical features. These similarities don’t necessarily mean that both of these nations are capable of picking up the features of the other language. This is hardly ever the case.
On one hand grammatical features are a crucial part while learning a language, however, on the other hand, pronunciation and morphological structure play a more important role in terms of communication. Misinterpretation of words easily causes miscommunication and therefore misunderstanding of the context. Therefore this might cause difficulties while learning English. In France, compared to Britain, there are several aspects of the morphology that could cause confusion and possible difficulties. This could be also called an interference of the characteristics when the native French speakers are trying to apply the characteristics of their first language to the language they are learning. This interference is a common feature of any learner and could possibly have a psychological background since it is natural to try to adjust what we know to something new. Some of the interfered characteristics include the rhythm, the pronunciation of certain letters, the punctuation, silent letters as well as negation or conjugation.
In English speech, the rhythm tends to stress the syllables in words as well as stress the most important word in the sentence to underline the meaning. This is, indeed, a significant feature of a language. Considering an example: I never said she took money from my wallet. This sentence has a whole new meaning while being read each time with an emphasis on different word. The patterns of English rhythm are often irregular. French speaking people, however, tend to stress end of each rhythmic group of a word in the sentence. While learning English this could cause temporary problems considering the fact that the attention is required while emphasising a certain word the speaker wants to underline. This issue, however, can be dealt with by a careful observation of the speaking person. Avoiding the rhythm and emphasis problems could as well aid the enrichment of the conversation as well as avoid further explaining of a misinterpretation.
The pronunciation of letters in certain...

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