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English Premier League: Correlation Between Spending And Success

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Football is a very famous and well-known sport all over the world. Fans go crazy about their favorite clubs and teams play as hard as they can to win the championship. What a lot of people do not talk about is the money aspect of football. Every year football clubs spend millions on buying and selling players, which is called transfers. Apart from that, the amounts of money clubs pay their players, as a salary is outrageous depending on the team. In many leagues, there is the firm belief that spending a lot of money on players leads to success. It is easy to pick out the teams that spend most money on their players since their wage bills are much higher than the rest when compared. Looking at the English Premier League, which consists of 20 different teams, one is able to see how much teams spend on their players. This brings up questions such as: how can we measure how worthy a player is and decide how much to pay them? Or, how do teams decide that a player is good enough? Why do players who seem to be just as good as others get paid so much more? These research questions are all very interesting, though what will be focused on is the relation between success and the amount of money spent on players’ salaries.

Statement of Task:
The main purpose of this investigation is to determine whether there is a relationship between successes of clubs in the English Premier League and the amount of money spent on their players. The type of data that will be collected is the weekly salary of the 11 starting players of each club in the premier league and the ranking of every team in the premier league this season. The data for this study and the rankings of the teams are the ones of November 4th 2013, and may be subject to change. The weekly salaries of 11 players are used to then add up, make a total and be compared to how well the club is doing in the English premier league. By comparing their rank in the competition and how much they are spending compared to other teams, one will be able to determine if there is a relationship between the two. This will be done by looking at the correlation coefficient.

Plan of Investigation:
I am investigating the relationship between the success of clubs in the English premier league and the amount of money spent on the salary of the players. This interests me as I am a huge fan of football and it is fascinating to analyze the correlation of this relationship and make conclusions about whether or not there is a relationship between how much money a team can spend on player salaries and how well they do. With the collection of data I have acquired, several mathematical processes were used to analyze the data: a scatter plot of the data, the correlation coefficient and a total score.

Mathematical Investigation:
I took eleven of the starting players of each team in the English Premier league and after finding each of their salaries per week; I was able to calculate how much a team spends on their...

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