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It was the end of an era. The funeral of Mayella Ewell signified a transformation of Maycomb. The civil rights movement had been active in all parts of the Old South and this certainly included Maycomb. It was no longer a necessity to separate the races by having all the Negroes of the town live near the town dump. The historical injustice of Tom Robinson’s conviction was replaced for the most part by justice and harmony for all between the two races. Following the funeral, the diversity in Maycomb spread like wildfire as logging companies and car factories sprung up around town. Within months, whites and blacks were working side by side as if one large family. Jem’s only grievance was that ...view middle of the document...

To Jem, the news of Tom Robinson still stung like an infected splinter. The gaping wound was an active part of him and being a part of the war-helped open his eyes to the fact that Maycomb needed to be awakened to a new dawn. People must be willing to start to treat black people and white people similarly. Despite the fact that Jem is most certainly a man of integrity, he was not melancholy following the death of Mayella. She outright lied for years about Tom Robinson and if one looked at the evidence such an idea was sheer nonsense!

Mayella’s funeral was an utter shock to the vibrant community and rumors were all over the city faster than a bullet. She was to be buried right next to Mr. Ewell whose reputation had diminished significantly since his death and he was as unpopular as (ever). Mayella’s death came as a surprise to the citizens of Maycomb as she was only 33 years old at the time. According to Mr. Heck Tate, Mayella committed suicide, but Atticus hesistated to adopt such views and remained skeptical. When it was ascertained that Mr. Ewell blatantly attacked Jem and Scout, all shreds of his credibility went down the drain. People started to believe that maybe indeed Tom Robinson was innocent. It was a shame that now that people were starting to see the truth about Tom, nothing could done be about it because it was already far too late.

Jem’s goal in Maycomb was to desegregate the whole town. The current system was cumbersome and often led to a hatred of the other race. Although some of the upper classmen from both races were able to overcome this; unfortunately many people, of both races, had many stereotypes to overcome. The first necessity to accomplish this was to combine the churches, but this was most certainly no easy task. Many white people in Maycomb were severely opposed to any change, especially if this meant including blacks in their lives more than already so. Most people were content with the way things were and did not seek change.

Jem’s life...

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