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The English Renaissance period began in the late 15th century and ended in the 17th century. During the Renaissance period, the England experienced many changes. These changes were brought by the new discoveries and inventions. Many characteristics were introduced to the country during the Renaissance period. The Renaissance study revolves around five important issues. These issues are essential continuities from previous events, certain important political changes that took place during that time, ideas brought with the characteristic of humanism, significant ideas related to the creation of literary works, and finally, the religious movement known as the Protestant Reformation which influenced daily life and literature. Notable changes were in fields related to art, architecture, literature, science, and philosophy. This period have brought a great economic growth to the country than another preceded periods. Moreover, ...view middle of the document...

The Renaissance period was the age of discoveries, inventions, and appreciation of art, which brought cultural and social change in the country. Renaissance thinkers engaged themselves with classical antiquity. During the renaissance, high cultural values were related to public life. Some of the major inventions include calendar, telescope, knitting machine, water thermometer, and the introduction of the science of electricity and magnetism. As mentioned earlier, some characteristics were introduced to the country during the Renaissance period. One of the characteristics is humanism. English humanism emerged in the fifteenth century. It only took root when the Tudor monarchy realized the the contributions of humanist-educated men. Earlier scholars dealt with humanism as "a successful reform movement" (Hattaway 13). Furthermore, there was a tendency to point out the humanist's politics conservatism and their lack of sophistication. Humanism brought several changes to the reading and writing practices. In addition, "although humanism bore immediate political fruits in England", links could be traced between humanism in earlier times and the seventeenth century republicanism (Hattaway 14). Moving on, another important characteristics are art and architecture. During the Renaissance period, religious art decreased drastically. At first, English art was mainly the creation of portraits (Anderson 1). The critical English invention that took place during this time is the portrait miniature. Portrait miniature basically means the transfer of illuminated manuscripts into small portraits that could be worn in a metal chain (Anderson 2). In addition to art, architects used classical architectural methods for new building types. However, some people still viewed Gothic architecture to be the relevant style for building (Anderson 3). Moreover, religion was an element that was affected by the Renaissance. Specifically, the Renaissance affected the way the people anticipated their relationship with God. The Renaissance began in a period of religious uncertainty.

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