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[English] Science Fiction Story Essay

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English Science Fiction StoryTitle: Unknown PlanetSetting: The year 2025. In a Universal Spaceship, 1,000,000 light years away from earth.Main Characters:Bryan Connor- pilotCharlie Adams- assistant pilotJason Bollo- psychologistCHAPTER ONEThe clock read 11:59 pm...... I swiveled around from my computer and grabbed for the last of my mocha chocolate. I swallowed the last cold dregs and looked over to the other side of the room. My assistant pilot Charlie Adams was seated in front of her telecommunication computer, typing. She felt my gaze on her. She turned around and yawned."Busy day?" she asked, her bright, clear eyes smiling."Not really" I replied rubbing my hands into my hair."Well, I've has such an awesome day!" she teases, tossing back her red plait.She was a beautiful woman but, I was just not into any relationships at this moment, judging by the death of my recent ...view middle of the document...

.....Saving Humanity! Anyways, what's with all those geeks back there? What's so interestin' about some rocks anyways?" I muttered pointing my finger at the group of young men crowded around a table in the controlling room. "Probably checking out the data on the latest extraordinary pebble!" I laughed harshly. "Hey! Professors! Isn't it time for your bed stories?" I called out to them smirking. They looked up puzzled, all of them rearranging their glasses before they went back to their work."Hey! Calm down," murmured Charlie. "Don't worry; something interesting will come your way.....umm...soon enough"A sharp pitched beep interrupted our conversation. An incoming message flicked onto the screen. The computer spoke, asking us if we wanted to accept the message. It was coming from an unknown planet 5,000,000 million light years from the ship."Procede Computer!" I ordered crossing my arms and stared at the screen. The screen flickered; there stood a woman at the age of twenty. She was crying, shaking uncontrollably."Help me! Help Us! "She was screaming, tears streaming down her face. Her uniform was torn and splattered with dark blood. In the background I heard screams of agony, people crying out for help, whimpers of pain....I saw dark figures flitting behind the woman, in the shadows. The woman abruptly stopped screaming, eyes wide with fear."They've come back! They've come back to finish us all off!" She whispered terrified. "Oh.....anyone out there, Help!" she screamed and suddenly went quiet. She collapsed onto the screen....Blood streaming from her forehead. The message ended, the screen turned static"Man, Wow!" I breathed, shaking my head, "What was that all about"Charlie shrugged her shoulders, speechlessly. When she finally found her voice she whispered hoarsely "We better get this to the Captain first thing tomorrow..." she stood up shrugging on her flight jacket and made her way to the door. I followed her silently with troubled thoughts, through the corridors and into our separate cabins. I knew I wasn't going to get much sleep.....

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