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Beyond The Time ContinuumControl Time Before Time Controls YouFor ScienceDue April 18, 2002By Scott Glover Brief info on the Three FoesA squad of elite Humans from the future going through the time continuum to save mankind from not going through with plans to use an anti gravity beacon that pushes galaxies awayA breed of creatures that has taken over earth and used it as their breeding ground ever since the galaxies became so close togetherThe Preadatorian are feared by many and travels from planet to planet hunting any thing they can find. With their ability to blend light they are almost impossible to see . They are smart and are able to speak English Beyond The Time ContinuumControl Time Before Time Controls You Our story takes place in the year 3000 when the galaxies collided as gravity pulls them closer together. In the human laboratory at the strong hold in the ruins of Ottawa. Dr bond discovers that not only the galaxies are getting closer , in the middle of the galaxies here every thing is getting pulled to the mysterious time continuum. In about two weeks or less the remaining parts of galaxies will get sucked into. Throughout the past two years 7 planets from another galaxie have entered into the Milky Way. One planet crashed directly into earth which created a massive planet. On the planet that collided a deadly race of aliens appeared. With their deadly speed and sharp claws they quickly swept through China driving what remains of the humans out. This species contains a lot of knowledge and can see in the dark. Days later The Predators arrived originally they were hunting the aliens now that we captured one to study it they are after us. "Gather the elite team, I have a plan" Commander Mahoney said. once every one was gathered Mahoney said his plan "We have to try to time warp in the time continuum . Our only hope for mankind depends on it ." Once everyone agreed to try it Mahoney discussed the objectives. " You have to find Dr Chamberland and tell him that his theory of the planets colliding is true and that he has to turn on his anti-gravity device and send his signal through space." " The waves should put a stop to the gravity from puling every thing and every thing will go back to normal. The human race depends on it". As the crew ran to the three spaceships a horde of Aliens ran into the docking area as a battle took place a group of aliens hijacked a spaceship before all was a loss the humans blasted all three of the spaceships into the time continuum.Back at the base two Predators used info-red vision to track the remaining humans down in the tunnels. Mahoney tried to run but he...

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2052 words - 8 pages The Banquet- Short Story It was at a banquet in London in honor of one of the two or three conspicuously illustrious English military names of this generation. For reasons which will presently appear, I will withhold his real name and titles, and call him Lieutenant General Lord Arthur Scoresby, V.C., K.C.B., etc., etc., etc. What a fascination there is in a renowned name! There sat the man, in

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1079 words - 4 pages The idea of heritage and tradition in the modern world has become an idea of importance to both the indigenous peoples and the descendants of the European colonists who attempted to Westernize the lands they discovered and the people in them. This idea has taken numerous forms in recent years and not-so-recent years. One form it has been examined in is the literary short story. Thomas King’s “One Good Story, That One” and Chinua Achebe’s “Dead

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1173 words - 5 pages John B. Updike is a novelist, poet, short story author, playwright, children’s book author, literary critic, art critic, and essayist. Updike is one of the world’s most versatile, serious, and prolific writers. Though his writing style and subjects vary greatly, he is committed to addressing the moral, social, and cultural conditions of his generation. Updike was born on March 18, 1932 and raised in a small town by the name of Shillington

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3192 words - 13 pages Third World Short Story as National Allegory Fredric Jameson's 1986 essay "Third-World Literature in an Era of Multinational Capitalism," declares that unlike the literatures of the First World, Third World Literatures are necessarily national allegories. "Third World texts," Jameson argues, "even those which are seemingly private and invested with a properly libidinal dynamic, necessarily project a political dimension in the form of

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1396 words - 6 pages ..'" Journal of the Short Story in English 14 (Spring 1990): 79-86. Rpt. in Twentieth-Century Literary Criticism. Ed. Thomas J. Schoenberg and Lawrence J. Trudeau. Vol. 187. Detroit: Gale, 2007. Literature Resource Center. Web. 29 Jan. 2014.

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3831 words - 15 pages fillip to its publication. A question often asked is what makes a short story specifically Canadian? Margaret Atwood opines, “The definition of ‘Canadian short story’ like that ‘Canadian itself has a hard core with fuzzy edges. Canadian short story writers are eclectic in their approach like story writers elsewhere in the English-speaking world. The contemporary Canadian short story is a mosaic woven out of many strands. It left behind the

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2117 words - 8 pages “Bartleby, the Scrivener” is an intriguing short story written by Herman Melville for Putnam's magazine at a time when Melville was in need for money to support his family, shortly after the failure of Pierre in 1852 (Davis 183). The narrator of the work, who is also a practicing lawyer, opens with a description of himself, his employees, and the fact that his business has recently grown. Soon after, the narrator, hires an additional employee

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1543 words - 6 pages , since elementary that a guy has asked her out. She scribbled back, yes!      The bell rang and class was over. Gary walked with her to her locker and then to class. She couldn't concentrate on her work and starting writing Gary's name all over her planner. She was in english class, and they had to write short stories, so Kandy decided to write about herself and Gary.      A week went by, Gary and Kandy were still going out, and it was her

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1549 words - 6 pages Short Story A tall, thin looking girl emerged at the top of the stairway. She had a face as pale as milk with a scruffy mop of long curly ginger hair flowing down around it. She had a look of deep sadness on her face but still seemed to have a warm essence about her. Samantha ambled slowly down the dusty stairway humming to herself along the way. She was one of those people who was always stringing words together

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1168 words - 5 pages Short Story Once in a small cottage deep in a thickly overgrown forest there was a young boy who lived with his mother, his father and his elder sisters, two of the most beautiful girls in the whole of Ireland. This forest was different to the many others that form a blanket over this enchanted land. The young boy often quarrelled with

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1987 words - 8 pages Short Story Meet John, he is a 13-year-old student at St. Mark's School in North London. He is an only child who lives with his mother and father in a small house near to the school. Carl is a clever student and is seen with a great deal of potential. He is also a popular boy and liked by teachers and many other students. Carl is

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924 words - 4 pages died. I was extremely stress by this and refuse to talk to anyone but nanny because she was the only one that I could trust to tell me the truth. Sometimes I wonder what I have done to deserve, to lose my parents at such a young age. But I know that when they were alive the loved me dearly and that they will be there to help me through the good and the bad times. Maddison Brand 10D English