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English Speech Paper

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The Internet is one of the most used forms of technology and although the Internet can be very helpful it more than often tu

" The Internet: Today's Evolution or Tomorrow's Menace?"

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The Internet is one of the most used forms of technology and although the Internet can be very helpful it more than often turns into something troubling and becomes a menace. The Internet is a contributing factor to many of society's problems today. It creates problems that vary from identity theft to injuries due to addiction to the internet or something said about someone posted on the internet, and people being able to learn how to do bad things such as make bombs or getting away with a murder.

Because the Internet is always on and everyone is linked to each other, anyone that knows how to hack a computer has the ability to get into someone's personal information such as one's social security number to banking information that the person may have on the computer through the Internet. Almost every one has access to the Internet. People and many see themselves as experts on a subject so they post or make videos teaching people how to make bombs out of anything from household cleaners to stuff anyone has in a normal garage. This also opens itself into other problems because as stated earlier many people have access to the Internet so many post their opinions of people or topics on websites for the person they are offending or commending to see...

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