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English Syntax Summary Essay

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To start with, grammar is usually divided into two inter-related areas of study – morphology and syntax. Morphology is concerned with how words are formed out of smaller units,which are called morphemes, and syntax is the study of how these words or phrases are combined into sentences.
Nowadays, there are two different approaches of studying grammar: a cognitive and a taxonomic. The person who influenced the most a cognitive approach, and its development, was Noam Chomsky, who explained that the goal of the linguist is to determine what it is that native speakers know about their native language which enables them to speak and understand the language fluently. The ...view middle of the document...

One criterion is universality, which demands universal grammar to provide us with the tools needed to provide a descriptively adequate grammar for any and every human I-language.
But it is not enough just to prescribe rules, for universal grammar to obtain its existence, it is necessary to explain prescribed rules, and this criterion is called an explanatory adequacy.
Hitherto the basic rules of universal grammar have been defined , but still learnability has not been elucidated. To comprehend learnability, the term language faculty has to be introduced. The language faculty may be referred to as a theory of language acquisition, which is concerned with the issue of acquairing language, specifically at children. According to Chomsky, language faculty ( or language acquisition program) is biologically inherited property, inside the brain, which is enabling children to learn the language. The learnability does not depend upon an individual's intelligence, it is rather the preoccupation of language faculty whose improvement is induce by the surrounding of an individual. Out of the language faculty, derives the innateness hypothesis, which is defined as : “ The hypothesis that states that the course of language acquisition is is determined by an innate language faculty“. However, there is a critical period...

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