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Studying abroad is currently attracting students all over the world, and it seems to be extremely interesting, but also it could be complicated and full of challenges. One of these challenges is the foreign language, and English is not an exception. Here in the USA it is not easy to start your study since students have to pass a language test which has been made to assess the students' skills in English. Clear examples of these tests are Test Of English as a Foreign Language (TOEFL), International English Language Testing System (IELTS), and Michigan English Language Assessment Battery (MELAB). Several people believe that having types of language tests gives students the opportunity to ...view middle of the document...

While it is true that some tests may have high-level academic words, which are remarkable to know, it can also be argued that few tests have words related to specific majors. Therefore, unfortunately, these terminologies in several cases are the solution keys of some questions, that means if students are not specialists in that field, they would face serious difficulties during their test. Additionally, tests comprise words and phrases that are rarely used in schools, yet these words are used to assess students’ language skills, and these phrases highly affect students’ score; a typical example is the Graduate Record Examination (GRE), in which the verbal section contains vocabularies that are often hard to understand even for native English speakers. For example the words pulchritudinous and encomium are not appear in first 5000 common English word (englishclub.com).
Even though it could be notable idea that there are several language tests, and students have the option to choose the test that they are comfortable with, students may spend considerable time to study strategies and tricks of one test, ILETS for example, and even may score quite high on that test. However, not all schools accept all types of tests; therefore, it is assuredly disappointing that their hard work is worthless, and students gain nothing by achieving a high score. Such a problem can be solved if...

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