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Reading and writing are known as the base and roof of education. Knowingly or unknowingly every literate person read and writes every day. Writing is known as a skill or art; proficiency in writing is significant for the students. Time management, effective note taking, and secret to excel in exam like study factors relay on writing. Some people don’t care about their handwriting and continue to worsen it. But good handwriting skill is required for everybody as writing is an ancient method of communication. Comparatively students with good hand writing skill grasp good marks in exam than others.
Good handwriting skill has a lot of benefits, let’s unwrap the secrets to improve your hand writing skill. Just spend few minutes to analyze your current writing skill and try the following tips to transform your handwriting into a good manner.
How to improve your hand writing skill?

• Test your handwriting

Test your handwriting by writing a paragraph firstly from your own creativity then copy a paragraph from a textbook or newspaper. After finishing writing, analyze the lines, words and alphabets also you can grade your writing comparing to the source or another. Also check the alignment, line spacing, size and the curves of your letters. Try it with your classmate’s note which is always praised by your teacher. Figure out your own flaws and be ready to avoid them now onwards.
• Use your arm

Students without proper guidance from their primary schooling level for good handwriting face several problems in future. The untrained people use their hands or fingers only to write something but it is not accurate. By moving your hands, arm and shoulder muscles simultaneously make your fonts universally same. You can test this method by writing a long word and observe that this plan beautifies your last characters. Students can practice to use their arms instead of fingers only...

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