Improvement Of Technology In Wwii Essay

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Improvement of Technology In WWII

Technology in World War II changed a lot since the beginning of World War I. They did not have near as good of technology. This meant that most battle were fought mostly by men, and what technology they did have either was not very good or it was not useful. Planes boats and artillery all became more reliable and helped contribute to the war.

World war II Air crafts were a major improvement from airplanes in World War I. These planes were much faster which meant you could get to and leave the battle quicker. This was important if you you had engine problems or were hit badly. The planes also had bigger and stronger guns and could also be used to bomb cities. Since these planes were faster and had better guns they also needed more protection against enemies. In the first world war planes were made from wood and pilots sat in an open cockpit leaving them exposed to enemy fire. This changed in World War II, planes were made from mostly metal and had closed cockpits making it much safer for the crew flying it. In World War I planes did not have many uses until later on in the war. Their main uses were for air surveillance behind enemy lines. In World War II they were used for bombing raids and shooting down other planes.

Ships in World War II were made bigger, longer, stronger and faster. They were given bigger engines and bigger guns. They also had a radar and a more advanced targeting system. As opposed to World War I were their radars were surveillance balloons used to scout out enemy ships. World War II ships had much thicker armour because of more advanced guns being used. World War I ships did not have as thick of armour on the deck. That is because their guns were not as strong and often hit the side of the boat. There was only one naval battle in World War I. In the second world war there were a lot. Ships were used to carry military supplies including soldiers. They were used for attacking enemy ships, as blockade against...

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