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Enhancement Or Destruction? Essay

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How far is society willing to advance genetic enhancement technology before it becomes morally wrong? Medical technology is well on the way to allowing parents to create designer babies, permitting parents to pick physical and internal qualities of unborn children. Due to the advance in technology allowing parents to genetically design their own child, the American Medical Association (AMA) should create stronger codes of medical ethics and implement acts imposing limitations. The manipulation of embryos in order to create a parent’s ideal child, is morally wrong, and should be against the medical code of ethics. Laws of ethics in medical practice need to be implemented, in order to create ...view middle of the document...

The creation of genetically altered people is morally wrong; creating issues that will spread throughout society.
Secondly, with the addition of genetically enhanced humans, the question of the fate of society arises. Parents would have the capability of designing children to be intelligent, athletic, or to have a certain appearance. As more designer babies are born, a gap in society would form. There would be a larger separation of social class, simply because the technology would come at a high price. Also, there would be a separation between humans: designer babies and naturally born people. Designer babies would contain every sought after gene. Doctors would be creating a superhuman. The genetically enhanced people, in result, would be considered superior. A historical comparison could be found in the 18th century when Caucasians believed they were a superior race, resulting in slavery and a divided, discriminative society. Consequently, with the addition of a superhuman race, society would ultimately become divided and prejudice just as it was in the 18th century.
In addition, genetic engineering not only allows for parents to pick petty traits of their children, it also has the capability of tissue typing. Parents with medically ill family members can alter an embryo to contain a matching blood type, bone marrow, organ, and many more lifesaving qualities. This brings about the question that one source notes, “is it morally impermissible to create and to destroy a perfectly healthy human embryo simply because it does not qualify as a potential stem cell donor” (Dahl 597)? Abortion statistics would become extremely high in the case that the procedure does not work, ultimately promoting abortion altogether. Also, another issue would be how the children who are only born for the reason of saving another life, would be raised and treated in a family. There would be resentment among family members, and the child would grow up knowing he or she was not wanted, only necessary. If the child was unable to fulfill the purpose of saving another human, the child would grow up being resented by the people who are supposed to have unconditional love for them. Altogether, the addition of designer babies to the world would create more problems than solutions.
Process for Implementing the Proposal
In response, to prohibit the creation of genetically altered humans, the American Medical Association (AMA) needs to get involved. An organization confirms “[The AMA] develops practical solutions for physicians who are confronted with ethical challenges in every stage of their professional careers” (“About the Ethics Group”). The medical code of ethics should contain regulation regarding the altering of embryos. The AMA has solutions for doctor who believe abortion is unethical, and do not want to perform the procedure. There should be a similar solution for the altering of embryos as well. If the AMA would add guidelines and regulations against designer babies...

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