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Improving Child Nutrition In The Local Schools

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The Case Study of Improving Child Nutrition in the Local Schools
The Health Department has been approached by a small group of fathers who are interested in improving child nutrition in the local schools.
• How will you prepare for your first meeting with the parents?
 The first step for my preparation is to gather information from the school and the distract website about the menu and food options that kids have at their school.
 I will make sure to listen and write any concern and ideas that they have that might improve their children nutrient at school.
• What data will you collect and from what sources?
 I am going to collect the school obesity/physical activity plan from the school district website.
 I will collect the breakfast/lunch menu and the snacks and beverages that are sold to student in lines, vending machines, and other venues from the school district website and also by going to school and asking them.
 I will collect data about the school obesity rate and physical activity from school website, school administration and teachers.
• How will you recruit new members?
 I will ask religion leaders, community leaders, and school administrative to encourage parents to participate in this event. Also, I will create flyers for students to take to their parents to encourage them to participate to improve nutrition in the local schools
• What tasks will you delegate to the volunteers?
 Making Pamphlets
 Create flyers
 Collect parents emails/phone numbers
• What is the mission of your group?
My mission is to educated parents about the importance of improving their child nutrition at their schools and at home.
• Write a first objective for the community group.
 My first objective is by the end of the program, concern fathers will have a good understanding of their child nutrition at their local school.
• How will you develop leadership among the community group?
 I will start with educated children about his/her healthy options at the local school.
 I will show the...

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