Enhancing Patient Care Through Media Sources In The Healthcare Industry

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Technology is expanding at an expeditiously rate in today’s society and this seems like the best time to try to and incorporate it into health care and medicine. Easy access to information and communication to professionals provides that quality of health care will be provided better for everyone. Utilizing technology through the world-wide web (Internet), patients will be able to experience a secure, simplistic, safe health care system accessible from the comfort of their own homes. Internet is important to health care because communication will be made easier for patients, patients are able to connect with desired communities and healthcare researchers can use information to better track diseases through Internet publications.
The need to provide an effective communication tool within the health care industry is one of the greatest challenges faced by patients in the last few decades. Incorporating the Internet to allow patients to retrieve information and interact with doctors is a viable solution to the communication problem faced by many patients in the healthcare industry. One review article argued that there are three main-goals for doctors when it comes to communication. Doctors must create a strong interpersonal relationships, encourage discussion with the patient on any decisions being made pertaining to their health and ensure patients are well informed. (Ha & Longnecker, 2010). With the amount of technology available to the public, improving communication between patients and doctors is a realistic goal and media plays a vital role in accomplishing this goal through media. By improving patient-doctor interactions it enhances self-motivation and determination, providing information on issues and facilitating discussion on health-related problems are only a few of the possible applications (George, Rovniak, & Kraschnewski, 2013). An excellent example found in one journal article is that with the privacy settings available of social media (SM) sites are able to create specific discussion groups or forums to provide patients with general information on a variety of topics such as; goals to healthy lifestyles and reducing the risk of illness and disease (George, Rovniak, & Kraschnewski, 2013). It is important to remember the main goal of incorporating SM applications into health care is to provide patients with real-life interactions with doctors which enables them to access the information they desire. Creating strong interpersonal relationships through the use of SM will allow doctors to provide patients with the relevant information they desire.
The subject of healthcare has many different categories. One category that requires more focus is people with mental illnesses, specifically in the younger demographic. In Canada, 3.2 million people aged between 12-19 years old will develop depression, and only 1 in 5 of them will receive the help they need (Fast Facts about Mental Illness, 2014). This is why resources incorporated in the...

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