Enhancing Performance And Security In Vanet Based Traffic Message Dissemination With Pragmetic Cost And Effect Control

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In Vehicular Ad-hoc Network (VANET), communication is more challenging task due to its fundamental characteristics like infrastructure less, wireless link, distributed cooperation, dynamic topology, lack of association, resource constrained and physical vulnerability of node. In a dynamic network, it is critical to maintain the multicast routing when the topology changes. Conventional multicast protocols generally do not have good scalability. It becomes very critical to handle this situation when the destination is at very far distance from source. Due to this, the gradient of the message decreases and hence the clarity of the message also gets reduced when the distance increases, which incase leads to a chance for adding unnecessary details in the message and finally causes damage to vehicle and leaves it in a miserable circumstances Considering numerous vehicles available in VANETs, one particularly attractive value-added application is for commercial service providers (SPs) to promote their businesses with VANET-based ad dissemination scheme. The malicious vehicular nodes may attempt to gain undue personal interests or sabotage VAAD by forging, playing back or/and tampering with ads, or claiming ads that they have not forwarded. Since in a dynamic network when new vehicle (node) enters the network, it should act as relay to support multihop routing inorder to reach the destination effectively. There are two types of nodes which helps the message to reach destination, namely selfish nodes and normal nodes. The selfish node may ask for incentive for forwarding the Ad-dissemination. This in case gives the chance for the selfish nodes to forge the content or deny the message propagation to the end vehicles. Apart from this when the distance increases the clarity of the message decreases finally when it reaches the certain vehicle. Thus here the vehicles or the Road Side Units should act as an originator to forward the message to other vehicles. Note here that the term message intends to any type of information namely traffic updates, Beacon messages, Multimedia contents, Ad Dissemination etc., Hence here arises the problem for sending the message effectively to the destination without giving chance for any type of attacks. In previous work, traffic messages are forwarded to vehicles which contains the entire information like vehicle-id, number, position, locality and other extra details which incase leads to unnecessary threats like hacking of vehicles, tracking etc., The transmission rate of the message can be delivered efficiently in the intersection mode than in the border mode. To overcome this and to enhance the gradient of message dissemination, the VAMD (Vehicular Ambient Message dissemination) scheme is used to restrict the unnecessary flow of information like vehicle number, position etc., to other ongoing vehicles on the highways. This process is carried out with the help of threshold value which is used to differentiate and allow only...

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