Improving The Identification And Referral Process Between The Welfare And Substance Abuse Systems

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The Professional PlanAmie M. WitkopfBryant & Stratton CollegeCOMM150 Literacy & ResearchMRC ProgramOnline CampusOctober 15, 2014Instructor: Mr. BartolottaThe Professional PlanAmie M. WitkopfBryant & Stratton CollegeCOMM150 Literacy & ResearchMRC ProgramOnline CampusOctober 15, 2014Instructor: Mr. BartolottaHealth care in some form or fashion has always been a substantial part of my life. As a child and through most of my adult life my mother was very ill. Spending day after day in a hospital was normal for me and health care was always associated with doctors, nurses, hands on positions with direct patient contact. While frowning on the idea of personal contact yet looking for a new career in a field of interest I began to think outside the box and discovered numerous careers behind the "traditional" scenes of health care.There are three careers in the health care industry of which I show particular interest. Certified medical coding in a hospital setting is my initial focus. Coding is the core to all successful of the industry. Certified medical coders must have an exceptional understanding of terminology, physiology and anatomy, the disease process, and clinical procedures in order to apply the correct codes that make up health records, claims, and the business side of medicine. ( Medical coders must also exhibit analytical skills, technical skills, maintain integrity and be detailed orientated. The salary expectations for medical coders according to 2013 Salary Survey: Coder Employment on the Rise September 30, 2013 is estimated to be $48,593 annually. ( The graph below illustrates salary based on education in the coding field from 2008 through 2012.I would also like to be educated in medical billing. Billing works together with coding and I believe it will be beneficial to learn the entire process of all basic area in the industry. Medical billers are the ones who enter the payments, line by line, making sure that each payment is what it should be. Then they reconcile each account, making sure that each claim is paid in full by the insurance company. If the claim has resulted in a patient balance, the medical biller then sends a bill to the patient. ( Besides invoicing and collecting payments, medical billers are involved with handling denied claims and processing appeals as well. The general task are not quite as involved as a coder but the position is just as important. The US Bureau of Labor and Statics state that the average salary for a general medical...

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1115 words - 4 pages the country a better place to live. Prisons are overcrowded. Treatment would alleviate some of this overcrowding. Prison treatments are just not doing the job as far as rehabilitating the substance abuser. Substance abuse is related to child abuse and elder abuse. Prisons have several programs that have been helping individuals with substance abuse problems. These programs range from the “Project BRITE” (Burdon, DeLore, & Prendergast, 2011), peer

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2191 words - 9 pages ). 117-120. Lichtenwalter, S., Garase, M. L., & Barker, D. B. (2010). Evaluation of the house of healing: An alternative to female incarceration. Journal Of Sociology And Social Welfare, 37(1), 75- 94. Marsh, J. C., Cao, D. D., & Shin, H. C. (2009). Closing the need-service gap: Gender differences in matching services to client needs in comprehensive substance abuse treatment. Social Work Research, 33(3), 183-192. Peebles-Wilkins, W. (2006