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Play Response:Sam Shepard's "Fool For Love" Incls: Title Author Nationality Period And Setting Synopsis Unique Elements Of Playwright's Style Production Challenges/Problems

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Title: Fool For LoveAuthor: Sam ShepardNationality: AmericanPeriod and Setting: 1980's, Low rent motel room on the edge of the Mojave DesertSynopsis: At the top, Eddie is trying to reassure a very stricken May that he isn't going to leave. She accuses him of cheating and he leaves. May freaks out and then he comes back in. They fight some more. May threatens to kill both Eddie and his lover. He tries to calm her down by telling her how far he came for her and his plans for the future. May says she doesn't want that and that she is sick of him sucking her into his wonderful fantasy plans and then dropping her again. He says he plans to at least stay the night. They embrace and kiss and then she knees him in the crotch and runs to the bathroom. The old man explains to Eddie the difference between being a fantasist and a realist. May comes out and changes into a sexy dress while telling Eddie she can't forgive him because she can't forget the picture she has of him with The Countess and that he should leave because she has someone coming over to take her out. He gets upset and leaves. May frantically throws some things into a suitcase, but hears him coming back and stops. Eddie enters with a shotgun and some tequila. He pours a glass and begins to clean the shotgun while telling May she can't be serious about this other guy because she called him a "man" not a "guy" so she should let Eddie stay and meet him and then she can judge. She argues that whatever the two of them had, it is stupid and it is over and tells him to leave. He picks up the pieces of his gun and leaves calling her a traitor. May is thrown into instant and complete grief. As she mourns, the old man tells her a story about a time he, May and May's mother were on a trip and May was a baby and started crying and he took her out of the car to calm her and walked into a field in the dark and they were surrounded by cows and that got her to stop. Eddie returns and May is at the table with the tequila. He tells her he doesn't believe that there is a guy so he is going to wait to see. He starts lassoing the bed posts for practice and says when the guy gets there, he is going to nail his ass to the floor. May gets up and leaves, but Eddie carries her back inside. He says that May can just introduce him as her cousin and he will meet him and then just leave. Headlights flash and May goes to the door and stands there looking out. She says there is a woman in a black Benz staring at the room. Eddie shoves May out of the way and slams the door just as a gun shot is heard. He flips the lights off, all the while claiming not to know who it is. May figures out that it is the Countess following Eddie and gets angry. Eddie retaliates saying she obviously means nothing if he left her to go hunt down May. The old man says how he can't see himself in them, but he can see their mothers. Eddie says that no matter what May says or does he isn't going to leave her alone. May says that she can never believe...

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