Enlarging Your Social Network Essay

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Social networking comprises of both strong and weak ties. Social networking has an impact on all human beings through organizations, relationships, associations, internet networks, and community. Being in the hospitality industry it is important that I develop social networking for both my personal self and industry. Belonging to the American Culinary Federation I believe increases my social network. Being a member of the American Culinary Federation allows me to share ideas and come together with professionals in the same business. The internet is a faucet that allows primary and secondary social networks. In order to keep one’s social network flowing is to simply stay in contact and leave the door open for others to contact you.

Social network “is the total set of relationships we have to include our family, our insurance agent, our neighbors, some of our class mates and co-workers, and the people who belong to our clubs” (Brinkerhoff, Ortega, White, & Weitz, 2011). My primary social networking group is comprised of managers and peers that I have worked with in the past. Keeping an open door of communication and moral support allows for me to have continuous networking for others in the same industry. My husband is also in the hospitality industry which broadens our social networking because we have more contacts between the two of us. Even though my peers and past managers are not a set organization, they are known as weak ties. It has been a key point of mine to keep in contact with all past peers and managers. I keep in contact through the internet, social occasions, and telephone communication. Keeping an open door contact to these ties allows for both me and my social network the opportunity to discuss the business, career opportunities and assist others of needs.
The organization I belong to is the American Culinary Federation and is my secondary social networking connection. The American Culinary Federation is a “professional, organization for chefs and cooks, founded in 1929 in New York City by three chefs’ organizations: the Societe Culinaire Philanthropique, the Vatel Club and the Chefs de Cuisine Association of America” (Federation, 2008). The ACF is a national organization that allows fellow professionals to come together and participate in discussions, view new products, and cross reference ideas, jobs, and new industrial ideas. Being a weak tie organization, I believe it has a high importance of networking possibilities with other passionate professionals. The American Culinary Federation offers the latest industry trends, career recognition, accreditation for Culinary Education, Honor Society, Representation in International Competitions, and Access to a Million-Member Intercontinental Society, A Fight against Childhood Hunger and Obesity, Product Quality Assurance, and A National Apprenticeship Program.
A secondary social network includes two real estate agents. One in Chicago, Illinois and the other...

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