The Troubles Enocountered In Enrique's Journey By Sonia Nazario

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Starting a new life is very problematic for many Central American children that migrate to the United States. There are a lot of difficulties involved in the process to migrate to the United States including the journey to get there. An extremely common way to migrate is by train. Migrants usually take away many life lessons from the journey to the United States such as the generosity and assistance from fellow Central Americans. On the other hand there’s extreme hardships. For example, the many robberies, and gang violence a migrant can face on the journey to the United States. During the trip, migrants learn that they usually cannot take things for granted, especially how scarce food, supplies, and other necessities are.
Enrique, someone who has hands on experience with this, went to the United States to find his mother and start a new life with her. Enrique was very sad leaving his old life behind. He had a girlfriend, Maria Isabel, whom he loved very much and later he found that Maria Isabel was pregnant with their daughter. Enrique knew that he left Honduras for a reason and he knew he had to deal with missing experiences such as his daughter’s important moments.Enrique accepted the obstacles he had to overcome by remembering that in Honduras his life was for the worse. In Honduras, money was scarce, life was sad, and his family depended on him to send money back to them by working in the United States.
The children also argue with their mother often. The children think that their mother, with no doubt, will be perfect. They idealize their mothers as angel who will save them from all their problems, which the mothers actually never do. The children get angry at their false hopes and realize that their mothers aren’t going to save them from their awful life. Their anger starts to swell up and they start taking it out on their mothers. The children start to grow up and get a job. Jobs don’t always mean positive outcomes. When Enrique got a job as painter, instead of sending money to his family in Honduras, he bought marijuana and a large amount of alcohol on a regular basis. He also went to the strip club often and spend a large portion of his saving there too. Enrique did send some money to his family, but not enough for the family to live off of.
Another experience that Central American kids have is riding the train. The kids have no choice but to ride the train to go to the U.S. The kids use to the train to meet their mothers who live in the U.S. The train, especially for children, carries a lot of risks when the children are riding on it. These risks last for a good amount of time as the kids have to travel through the country. While migrants are traveling on a train through Central America and Mexico, they should not trust anyone, not even other migrants on the train. People will most likely rob, rape, or kill you. Maybe even all three of those. The people who will do this to you are gang members, bandits, and other migrants. Enrique...

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