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Marketing Proposal For U17/9, Jalan Bukit Melawati Project84 units of Double-Storey Semi-Detached HousesThis marketing proposal is undertaken in response to the double storey semi-detached project development in U17/9, Jalan Bukit Melawati, 40160 Shah Alam, Selangor.Our company has stressed the important of exclusive appointment to enable it to pay full concentration on the project and to avoid any conflict of interest or double sales.Project Background & AssumptionThis project is situated in a 99-year leasehold land, consist of 84 units of double storey semi-detached houses.The standard land area of the semi-detached is about 40 feet by 80 feet with built-up area of about 3,100 square feet.Our strategies for this marketing proposal is based on the below assumptions.Total 84 units of Semi-Detached houses without low cost components.Open for Registration sometime in August 2014.Leasehold, but will be extended to 99 years.Gated and GuardedDevelopment ConceptWe cannot deny that development concept served as an important factor to ensure the success of a project, below are some of our opinions in this aspect.Current Site ConditionDeveloper will build actual show unit at the site, and this will give the confident to potentials and therefore expedite the process of sale. Basically all potentials hope to see better site condition before they commit themselves, so we strongly propose your company to beautify the entrance to the show unit as well as the landscaping at the surrounding. Also to provide more car parks, for potentials / walk-in.Product PerceptionApart from the show unit, other marketing tools such as brochures, architectural model house, display materials and etc also equally important. Those marketing materials are another marketing tools that determine the product perception from the potentials, with this approach the marketing tools design is very crucial.Project logo as well as project name which served to give the first impression to the potential is relatively important.Developer ProfileTo command a premium in pricing, developer profile is very important, we suggest to use the development company with development track record.Information ConveyedTo convey positive points of this project such as decent land size and built-up area. Impressive façade design which showed by the artist impression and all the marketing materials must be attractive enough to convince the buyer as well.Value for moneyPropose to spell in all the special features for this product in all marketing materials such as spacious design, gated and guarded, high quality material used, contemporary design and etc. to let the potential feel that this product is value for money.Pricing StrategyBeside the land size, corner premium, facing & etc, we were told the pricing for the standard unit is about RM800,000. Based on our preliminary survey and market absorption, we hereby propose the pricing for each unit for your kind reference.This pricing is based onThe...

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1064 words - 4 pages decisions. Information would basically be at a touch of a button and the board would be able to “slice and dice” the information the way they want it. Student enrolment rates The main driving force for an organisation like INTO UEA to succeed lies in its student enrolment rates. Business intelligence software would make it possible for decision makers of the organisation to spot valuable information locked inside student enrolment data. This is

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1319 words - 5 pages least four or five years of study. The provincial departments of education license teachers.Post-Secondary EducationToday in Canada, more than 200 technical institutes and community colleges and about 100 universities attract a total post-secondary enrolment of approximately one million students. Canada's universities are internationally known for the quality of their teaching and research. Full-time enrolment in Canadian universities is currently

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1321 words - 5 pages ranked Jamaica as a middle income country and believes they have a likely chance of meeting some of these goals. They includes poverty, malnutrition (hunger in children under 5 years), hunger, primary level enrolment, combating HIV/AIDS, halting the incidence of malaria and tuberculosis are on track, provision of safe drinking water and sanitation and access to reproductive health (National Report of Jamaica on MDG). The United Nations MDG

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1093 words - 4 pages of relationships between men and women, organizes the institution. Gender may categorize the student enrolment pattern of the institution. First, we look at the student enrolment pattern of University of Tasmania.The pattern of student enrolments in different faculties is highly gendered. According to the statistic of student enrolment in year 2002, percentages of undergraduate women in the faculties of Arts, Education, and Health Science are

Local Government and Healthcare

607 words - 2 pages are geographically defined. The enrolment-based IHN evolved in countries with a system based on competitive insurance markets (managed competition model), where consumers buy prepaid health care plans. In these countries, market forces and reforms have led to the integration of providers and insurers in a single entity—the enrolmentbased IHN, a term that encompasses a variety of managed care organizations, such as health maintenance

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672 words - 3 pages Nursing Issue Historically, the nursing profession was perceived as an excellent choice for persons seeking, ?a challenging, and flexible, and relatively well-paying career? (RN, 98). However, over the past decade enrolment into the profession has steadily declined. One must, therefore, ask why nursing has lost its appeal? Research suggests that several factors have contributed to declining enrolment, increased job dissatisfaction, and

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3080 words - 12 pages , & Lu, in their research has predicted the enrolment of the university using time stamp [12] • Baker, R.S., Corbett, A.T., Koedinger, K.R. in (2004) used datamining techniques build the machine learning technique to Detect Student Misuse of Intelligent Tutoring Systems[14]. • Romero, C., Ventura, S. (2007) in his survey paper Educational Data Mining: A Survey from 1995 to 2005 has given many such examples which Highlights the importance of data

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585 words - 2 pages course of 80%, the other wishes only to pass with a 50%. The risk that the unmotivated student has is much greater, as they are doing just enough to get by and could easily come up a little short when all is said and done. Another issue that occurs is in university enrolment time. It's quite ironic that when those students, who were satisfied with just getting by, when applying for post-secondary education, they become substantially less


2340 words - 9 pages itself to providing primary education for a maximum of 4 children per family. In order to comply with Uganda's constitutional requirements on affirmative action in favour of marginalised groups, 2 of the 4 must be girls, if a family has children of both sexes. In addition, if a family has a child with disability, he or she must be granted the highest priority in enrolment under this programme. These have however benefited less as seen below;The

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633 words - 3 pages that the revision and publication of the association's charter in accordance with the new government regulation will be completed prior to the next year annual conference. Apparently his goal was important to renew the association's license to continue to operate legally, allows the enrolment of many new members, and he can get re-elected if he succeeded. The entire board of directors and more than 200 members worked so hard for the entire year

The Demographics and Socioeconomic Issues Affecting Central Asia

1013 words - 4 pages , Tajikistan’s primary school attendance in 2003 fell to 88 percent. Secondary school enrolment of girls, especially in Tajikistan and Uzbekistan, declined disproportionately as the out-of-pocket contribution for education increased. Rural adolescent girls are instead encouraged to marry early. Decline in preschool enrolment by about 75 percent between 1989 and 1997 in Kazakhstan and Kyrgyzstan also carries gender implications as it limits women’s freedom to

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1732 words - 7 pages are urbancentric. Even most of the higher educational institutions in rural India lack quality.As a result of that rural population are deprived. Under certain circumstances it isseen that gross enrolment ratio is very poor in these rural areas. The situation iseven worse for female population in regard to gross enrolment ratio. Thepaper highlights all these key issues and tries to find out the problems that the ruralpopulation is suffering in

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9857 words - 39 pages disadvantage, social exclusion, gender disparity, and special needs for children of other neglected groups. It focuses on gaps in enrolment, infrastructural provisioning, equity concerns in terms of being inclusive in the context of schools functioning, teachers (social group, training, motivation, transaction and so on), management, and governance issues. The extent and manifestations of non-inclusion or exclusion in the educational context is

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754 words - 3 pages money into the open market. Stalin’s powerbase was due to him being the general secretary, who was in charge of recruiting people, so when the Lenin enrolment scheme was introduced, Stalin recruited “malleable recruits who wouldn’t be impressed by Trotsky’s intellect. This was skill on Stalin’s part, but also a mistake on Trotsky’s behalf, as he had paid no attention previously to Stalin, calling him a “grey blur