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Ensure Contentment To Ensure Complacency To Ensure Conformity

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There are great evils at work in our society today. They fight us each on individual battlefields in a war most fail to comprehend. Unrecognized and unopposed these evils pervade our us, insidious they pull at our minds.These great evils present themselves to us as conformity and complacency. You question, unseeing, as to how two such mediocre nouns could constitute threats to our great homo-sapien civilization.To explane I'll point out that lurking in your question is the product of combination of these two evils. Mediocrity- of middle quality. In every facet of our society it has become a point to be aimed at. People strive to be average with alarming consequences. Those falling either ...view middle of the document...

That my writing is blatant extreemist exageration easily written off when you observe the human race going ahead in leaps and bounds. Unfortunately you are a victim. You have been confused that technological advancements are a substitution for moral and cultural progression. New technologies do not further us, but only our contentment and feed our complacancy by steeping us in meaningless wealth that is the new centuries opiet to the masses.Where in the years of wealth and the land of the free is the furtherment of the human soul? Philosophy receeds to a laughable shadow and in the last 50 years the western world produces few great men of morals. Then by various means, not the least of which is selective memory through selective history, their teachings are lost and lay if not forgotten then for some reason ignored.The second barrier is an attempt to negate the argument. Very well, you say. Society has stalled in its furtherment of human mind, so what? I am happy as it is. To obtain this view you must be one of three things; more thoroughly brainwashed than the first man, more cynical than him or more powerful than him.To be more thoroughly brainwashed is easy. Through personality, education or environment you have been coerced into the loss of your human soul. I use soul not in the imperialistic, religious sense but rather in referance to the part of you which holds your conscience and morals and formulates your ideals. This part of you has been stripped or more likely and lamentably diluted through the carefully crafted system in place to ensure contentment to ensure complacency to ensure conformity.Take a step back and regard the world. Is it as it should be? Can you honestly be happy with the status quo? You do not live a perfect life, perhaps you never will, but is that a reason to not try? An attempt at perfection is a necissary step not towards perfection, an unattainable goal, but a necissary step so that the human journey finds a path that we may all enjoy to travel.To be more cynical is also easy. It is my personal route when not aroused by rebel sentiment. Something enables you to see the fraud, see the facade but not to see through it or fully comprehend it. What is recognized is that fighting has immediate and negative consequences. You cast around for a while but find no success and come to regard the whole thing with a cynical eye that tells you...

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