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1Professor OwensNovember 10, 2014Project Outline and Requirements (Week 1)Organization DescriptionContent-R-Us (CRS) is a company which offers its customers management solutions that are structured to their individual situation and business environment. CRS is focused on being the partner of choice for the leading business, education, and government enterprises by helping them create the most innovative and reliable management solutions. The consulting staff along with a few administration staff will meet with a client to get what the customer requires and what systems they have in place at the initial consultation.CRS has been in business serving their clients for over 17 years from its Dallas headquarters and currently employs 150 employees, which include 50 consultants. Over half of the employees operate from a remote location with most working from their homes and via an Internet-based connection to the home office.Content RequirementsCRS is very motivated and qualified to help their clients find the management solutions to enable their organization to grow exponentially, however they are having a hard time managing their own data/content during this time of exponential growth. The organization has made an assessment of its needs and the conclusion calls for an outside consultant which can target and develop an effective Enterprise Content Management (ECM) and Data Governance Policies and Procedures Manual to enable the organization to greatly enhance its management of important company data.Resources have been allocated as well as some key goals have been set:Assess the current enterprise information infrastructure and content management processes for the organization.Establish process for the future content management.Plan and layout the enterprise information infrastructure for the organization.Gauge the data governance policies and procedures of the organization currently in place.Establish preferred data governance policies and procedures."It's important to know what does the business needs. ECM is a vast subject from capture to store/manage to process till archive and disposition and every piece of information which gets generated during the course of business activities comes within the scope of ECM. Starting from writing an email to your customer or vendor to receiving a fax till signing a contract or agreement. Hence the most critical stage of planning for ECM acquisition is to know as to what all ECM components do you need (from capture (OCR or ICR), repository, process/workflow, compliance, dynamic security, e-discovery etc.), what all information should reside in your ECM repository and what must be excluded". (Prasad, 2012)The content requirements for the organization will need to be identified and the content and regulations which could apply to the organization's content. An assessments was performed with the following results being given.Content CategoriesThe content categories which were identified after an assessment and...

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