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Enterprise Dbms Implementation Essay

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The implementation of a database management system (DBMS) solution for Huffman Trucking will provide the company with better management and control of the company's inventory. Integrated into this solution is an online management and control system, which will include a website that will allow Huffman Trucking to complete transactions. The system implementation process has many inherent risks and the project team will attempt to limit risk from known factors including budget, work force, communications, documenting, and a backup system.To minimize the impacts of these risks, the project team will be implementing a risk assessment and mitigation strategy that includes the setting aside of funds for running the new system in parallel with the current system and to investigate alternate strategies which should be necessary. While doing so will raise the initial cost of the project, the potential savings should a risk become a problem more than the offsets.AssumptionsTeam B has made a number of assumptions for the purposes of this paper. They are: 1) Huffman Trucking Inc. has implemented the Microsoft Access Fleet Truck Maintenance Database listed on the Huffman Trucking intranet site; 2) other departments within Huffman Trucking have stand-alone databases, several of which are very large and use database software other than Microsoft Access; 3) users require numerous types of applications that will access the DBMS; and 4) there will be a large number of concurrent users.DBMS Details and FeaturesThe IT management team considered a number of factors when making the determination about what type of database management system (DBMS) would provide the greatest benefit to Huffman Trucking Inc. Figueiredo (2006) discussed five criteria to consider when evaluating a DBMS to deploy that will help guide the discussion of the details and features of the selected DBMS. These criteria are pricing, interoperability, security, and clustering.PricingAs Figueiredo (2006) suggests, price is one of the most important factors that a company should consider when deciding on a DBMS. A company must take care to consider most of the costs that it will incur upon implementation. Some of the more obvious costs are those associated with the various features of the DBMS. Since many vendors offer options that are only beneficial to large businesses, decision makers should attempt to ensure that they do not purchase a system with more capabilities than they need. DBMS features are not the only factors that affect overall system costs that decision makers should consider. Barr (2005) identifies a number of other costs that are often not considered including 1) transition costs - "the one-time costs occasioned by the move to a new system", 2) complexity costs - costs associated with supporting "multiple technologies or standards", 3) technical risk - costs of delays or undelivered system functionality, 4) future flexibility value - the ability of a system to either hamper or...

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