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Enterprise Development Project On Royal B & B

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Chapter One: Environment Analysis1.1 Environmental Analysis MethodologyThe analysis was conducted via both primary and secondary research.1.1.1 Primary researchPrimary research simply means collecting findings, data and information on the topic chosen by the author through ways such as making a survey, questionnaire, observations, interviews, etc.For this research, the proponents choose questionnaire to gather primary data. The proponents were getting people to fill up the questionnaire in the island of Penang especially around the Georgetown area such as Chulia Street, Penang Street, Batu Feringhi and Pulau Tikus. The questionnaires were distributed to 60 respondents. The sample groups were backpackers and economy travelers. The proponents also did the personal observation on market characteristics, tourism trend, operational procedures and site potential.1.1.2 Secondary researchSecondary research means gathering and collecting data that has already existed and been researched by others from places such as newspaper, internet, journals, reference books, magazines, television and so on, generally the mass media.For this research, the proponents used the Internet, magazines, newspapers and reference books as a base of sourcing out materials of secondary research.1.2 Environmental Analysis Results1.2.1 Analysis of survey questionnaire1. Is this your first visit to Penang?Option: Yes or No (No. of times visited)Analysis: to find out the percentage level of potential tourists who will return to Penang.2. How many nights are you going to stay in Penang?Option: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 or >5Analysis: to find out the number of nights they are going to stay in Penang.3. How do you usually travel?Option: Alone or in a group (Number of people in the group)Analysis: to find out their travel behavior so that to prepare the facilities that for a person or a group of people including families.4. How did you get the information about your accommodation in Penang?Option: Internet, Friends, Travel agent, Relatives, Travel guides or othersAnalysis: to find out how usually the foreign tourists get information about where they are going to stay when they arrive Penang and also can focus on the source to do more marketing and advertising on it.5. How much is your budget for accommodation per night?Option: RM150Analysis: to find out their budget for accommodation per night and can set the Royal Bed and Breakfast room rate base on it so that it is affordable and reasonable for them.6. Have you stayed in a Bed and Breakfast before?Option: Yes or NoAnalysis: to find out have the tourists stayed in a Bed and Breakfast before in their own country or other countries.7. If yes, would you stay in one again?Option: Yes or NoAnalysis: to find out would they check in again in a Bed and Breakfast and the percentage level of returning guest.8. If no, would you check-in a Bed and Breakfast on your next visit?Option: Yes or NoAnalysis: to find out the percentage of potential guest.9. How...

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