Enterprise System Governance Essay

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In today’s world almost all the organisations in the world are becoming dependent on enterprise systems (ES) to support and manage their business process. Moreover this need has grown as a result of increasing complexity of ES and their areas addressing the governance and security aspects across maintaining the sustainability, security risks associated during the implementation of ES in an organisation (Posthumus & Von Solms 2004; Mansouri & Mostashari 2010; Grabski et al. 2011). This drives the need to take a broader view and more holistic approach drawing more attention to emerging ES in Security and Governance field, as a result best practises, methodologies and frameworks are in demand (Lorenzo 2004; Ward et al. 2005; Grabski et al. 2011; Markus & C. Tanis 2000).
When an organisation makes a decision to implement ES within different departments to integrate and manage all their business processes, organisation has to go through the different phases of ES implementation before the system go live normally referred to as ES life cycle stages (Markus et al. 2000; Markus and Tanis 2000). There is a need for better understanding of most important phase before the ES go-live normally referred to as implementation stage to establish the right balance throughout the ES implementation project because this stage is the starting phase, if by any reasons anything goes wrong it resulting in the failure of the whole project (Lorenzo 2004; Ward et al. 2005; Mansouri & Mostashari 2010). To reduce the risk of failure of the whole project there is a need of adopting ES governance best practises and frameworks so that the ES implementation project becomes successful (Zhuang Chen & Taige Wang 2008; Hendricks et al. 2007). Additionally by adopting enterprise system governance (ESG) organisations can avoid high maintenance cost and significant risks that can cause disruption to the whole business operations (Marnewick and Labuschagne 2011).
As research on ES implementation phases especially on governance may touch almost all parts of an organisation it has become an important topic in the business and information systems world. Key drivers are increasing regulatory and managing pressure, needs for better risk management and a purely economic desire of organisations to monitor and influence their business performance faster (Grabski et al. 2011). Recent studies has shown that organisations are facing challenges to solve implementation and governance issues which results in poor performance of ES (Ward et al. 2005; Peng et al. 2008) .To solve these issues organisations are supporting and recommending different theories, standards and models proposed by different researchers to maintain their sustainability in the competitive business world. Although there has been lot to be done as part of future research to address the ES implementation issues for example ESG issues (Chikhale et al. 2011; Mansouri & Mostashari...

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