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Education is the one of priorities in life for most parents. Previous generation, which is the generation x born between 1961-1981 has pressure on the Millenial Generation. The money is the most important variable that specifies the quality of life for them. So the Generation X pushes their children to graduate from a qualified colleague to have high life standards (How Young People View Their Lives Futures and Politics A PORTRAIT OF “GENERATION NEXT” (2007) by Andrew Kohut, Kim Parker, Scott Keeter, Carroll Doherty, Michael Dimock ). Especially parents, thinks in the same way with Balogum and he describes it as a key that “... unlocks the door of development and modernization...” in the idea of an educated person in contemporary African thought(117). This thought points out that parents think of the child’s future when forcing children to go to school. Also Balogum state that “...the concept of ‘education’ and ‘educated person’ are both common in all cultures”(118). Although both are familiar for people for people, most people may confuse these two claims and there is a link between them. Education is a lifelong process so being an educated man is connected with the developmental process. Also to have education there is no age limit. Balgum point that “...from womb to the tomb”(120) totally fits the previous sentence. The author supports his ideas by saying that “ In Rome, an educated person was a person who was a good orator and one who excelled in the military training...”(112). This example shows that in ancient times people who had various jobs were educated. Other than these explanations, whitehead’s idea is a valid one that “One who can entertain himself, one who can entertain another and who can entertain a new idea.”
When Eric Hoffer claims that ”When people are bored , it is primarily with themselves”, he means these people do not have a valid source of entertainment and the
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ability of entertaining themselves. A variety of activities should meet the need of being entertained. If it is linked to the education, it is possible to see that an educated person has the ability of easily focusing and the power of concentration so this person can lose himself in a task. If a person can adapt easily, this shows that he satisfied and entertained himself. A task to be entertained somebody, it can include not just entertainment and also information. In the “it is all entertainment sure . But what exactly entertainment is? “ article, Peter Vorderer sets an acceptable example which is “watching the Olympic games on tv, or any other sport event for that matter, containing certainly both information and entertainment”(249). Also basis on his...

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