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Entertainment Hiding Education: The Benefits Of Children’s Programing

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Think about a blue dog, a red monster that can talk, and a Spanish speaking girl who goes on an adventure every day. To a person who has not watched television those characters might be made up people. For a child, however, those characters are Blue from Blue’s Clues, Elmo from Sesame Street, and Dora from Dora the Explorer. These three shows air on networks that are based for children, and are what could be referred to as educational entertainment; they hide learning into an entertaining television show. Experts say that this technique, that children’s education television shows use, builds a foundation that children can use for a lifetime. Though some parents may argue that these programs ...view middle of the document...

have stopped airing children television shows. These episodes, however, are aimed at children that are in elementary school, teaching more complex skills that a preschooler or kindergartner might not understand. The episodes on these television networks are unique to other childrens’ television shows since they use a method of learning called entertaining education—they hide learning into entertainment. Children who watch these television shows are able to learn skills that are useful for them before they enter preschool or kindergarten, while they are in school, or even after they graduate from kindergarten and enter elementary school. The skills they learn are not presented in the same way as any other network viewers can see, however they are valuable for children to learn since they could help children succeed through school.
Childrens’ television shows are based off of observational learning. Albert Bandura proved observational learning true by using a “Bobo doll” and gave this doll to a set of children to see what they would do. A Bobo doll was around a kid’s height and would fall down but then come up automatically since there was a weight at the bottom. At first, they put kids in a room with this doll and other toys. Some kids would play with the doll and others would play with the other toys. Then, with a new set of kids, they showed them a video of an adult beating up this doll. When they were put into this room with the Bobo doll, they repeated the same action the adult did in the video (Cullingford 72). This experiment proved that aggression was only a learned trait and until they learned it, they would not show agression....

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