Entertainment Is Not Evil Essay

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Entertainment holds the attention and interest of an audience; it gives pleasure and delight, it lets people forget about any problems in their lives. Entertainment was specifically designed for the purpose of keeping an audience's attention. Long ago people started with: art, music, wall paintings, and stories. Entertainment has been around for far too long to hold the capacity to ruin such a concept as a society. It at times may portray itself as necessities for life .People thrive upon the happiness and laughter caused by an amusing situation, and this entertainment fulfills such desire for people. Entertainment does not possess the capability to destroy society; in order for humanity to grow, relax and experience, individuals need to be open to all forms of entertainment.
Entertainment prevailed from the very outset of the human story. People looked for ways to enjoy their spare time. Reading has been a source of entertainment for a very long time. In early American times as well as today individuals would entertain themselves through reading books, pamphlets and newspapers. They were not difficult to get a hold of and were filled with insightful information .In the 1700s Thomas Paine’s pamphlet “Common Sense” was tremendously popular. The pamphlet was one of the first widely disseminated pieces of writing that the American people could get in touch with .At a time when settlers were still debating on whether or not they wanted to fight for independence against the British, the pamphlet was able to convince the American people why the battle for freedom was essential. Even 100 years ago entertainment benefited society. Without the need for a source of entertainment where would we as a people be? After a period of time people’s desire for entertainment becomes stronger; it developed into written narratives, dramas, plays, shows and so on. Entertainment has now branched out to a plethora of things such as movies, TV, the computer and internet. This development reveals the phase transition in human history. So closely related to human history, entertainment has been a part of this society, and it cannot be a factor that can ruin the society.
Entertainment helps illustrate how the world has progressed therefore showing its importance. It allows people to get “away” from their real lives and problems for a certain amount of time. The various forms of entertainment such as music, movies and art have a major impact on the daily lives of every individual and due to its extensive reach; many familiarize themselves with what entertainment has to offer. It decreases stress levels. After a stressful day many individuals come home to watch something to relax. Sitting in front of the T.V or simply listening to music helps take your mind off everyday issues. It allows one to relax. Entertainment becomes a subject that is normally referred to as a stress reducing concept. It permits someone to divert their attention from day to day worries and regain...

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